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Rolls and Curves’ 2016 Favorites

I’ve never written a favorites post before, but I decided it was a good idea to write one since I’ve opened my blog up to other types of reviews. I’m going to start doing monthly favorites, but first I’m going to summarize my favorite things and products that I’ve used and loved over the last year! I’m sorry this is a little late. I’ve been recovering from my first surgery to treat my endometriosis. If I have a  full review of one of the things listed, I’ll link it. Some of the pictures are mine, but the ones that aren’t mine were pulled from Google for illustrative purposes.

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THINX Boyshort Review (XXXL)

Today I’m reviewing the THINX boyshorts in an XXXL. I received these for free in exchange for my honest and comprehensive review. My opinions are not affected by the fact that I received these for free. I did a little write up before this that discusses the difficult and rocky relationship I’ve had with my period. Click here to read that post.

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Torrid Cherry Floral Twist Front Bikini Top Review

I have to preface this review by saying that I am not sponsored by Torrid, and I did not receive any products from Torrid in exchange for a review. I have never once been contacted by Torrid. I stumbled upon the Torrid bikinis online and was so enamored with the way they looked that I went to my nearest Torrid location for the sole purpose of trying it on. I was incredibly happy with the result but felt that I couldn’t justify the cost (roughly $70 for the top but it’s on sale right now for $41), and my mother ended up surprising me with it when I went to visit her one day. Even though I received this as a gift, it doesn’t impact the way I feel about this bikini. I loved it from the second I tried it on, which you can see in this post.


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Elila Stretch Lace Underwire Baby Doll (42K, 2X)

This is the fourth installment of my Elila series. Go to this post for an introduction to the brand and my overall thoughts, this post for a review of the Lace Softcup, and this post for a review of their Stretch Lace Underwire bra. In this post, I’m reviewing the 9311 Lace Underwire Babydoll in a 42K. This is roughly a 42H in UK sizes, which sister sizes to a 36JJ. I’m really excited to review this babydoll because it’s so rare to find one that’s made in a variety of cup sizes on larger bands. Up until now I’ve only tried cup free babydolls that offer zero shaping or support, and plus size babydolls with tiny underwired cups that are even worse than a cup free one. This set was sent to me for free in exchange for my comprehensive and honest review. All opinions are my own and aren’t affected by the fact that I got this for free. I apologize ahead of time for my photos. My camera was having trouble focusing on the black lingerie and some of the pictures were taken at a separate time in a different location.

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50352 Glamory Mesh Fishnet Thigh Highs Review (XL: 48-50)

Full disclosure, I received these as a gift from fellow blogger Avigayil of Lingerie Detective. You can find her review of these exact stockings on her blog. The fact that I received them as a gift does not impact how I feel about these stockings.

Glamory Hosiery is a hosiery brand based in Germany. They’ve been around since 2005, and they make hosiery from size medium to 5XL. Their largest size can accommodate someone who’s 6’6″ and 330 pounds. That’s a pretty impressive range for a hosiery company, seeing as how most brands carry one standard size and one plus size option.

Glamory wasn’t carried in the United States until hosiery lovers Tim and Delilah tried them out and fell in love with them. Delilah wasn’t satisfied with the “One Size Fits All” or “Queen” size hosiery options available. They loved the brand so much that they offered to sell them in the United States so that other US customers could try them out. The biggest downside of the brand right now is that very few retailers sell Glamory in the US, although they are trying to find more stockists. There’s a full list of retailers on their website.


Image from their website

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Lady Voluptuous Vintage Summer Rose Verena Dress Review (22/24)

Note: I’m wearing my Flirtelle Lena bra in a 36JJ underneath with high waist panties and pantyhose. I’m not wearing any shapewear. My skin tone looks incredibly saturated because I had to alter the color settings to make the colors of the dress look true to life. 

All of the images that aren’t of me are from the Lady V website, and none of these links are affiliate links. 

This is the first clothing review I’ve done that doesn’t have anything to do with bras, and I was pretty nervous about opening my blog up to clothing reviews. This dress was generously gifted to me for the purpose of review, but I think you’ll find from my review that my opinions are completely unaffected by the fact that this dress was a free gift.

I’ve had this dress in my possession for about a month, and I’ll tell you right away that I have some issues with the way it fits. I had originally wanted to get it tailored so that I could show how it fits unaltered and then how I’d like it to fit, but unfortunately all the tailors in my area have their hands full with prom and spring weddings. Since it has been about a month, I figured I was taking too long and decided to review it unaltered.


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