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If you’re on this blog, it’s probably because you have a passion for finding lingerie and clothes to fit a plus sized figure. After spending about a year going through the trials and tribulations of finding bras to fit my UK 36LL bust, I’ve decided to start a blog to increase representation of women like me in the boob blogosphere.



In short, I am the opposite of what the “ideal” plus sized body is like. I’m short (I’m only 5’2″), I have rolls and lumps, my hips and butt are small for my frame, and I have large boobs. I’m not the perfectly proportioned hourglass figure, nor am I the “Lane Bryant model” body type with large hips, a moderately sized bust, and a smooth looking stomach . I’m more of an apple or inverted triangle. After reading and falling in love with the blogs of other busty women (namely CurvyWordy and FullerFigureFullerBust), I was inspired to finally put myself out there and show other women like me that we can still be beautiful despite not having the “perfect” figure. I will not ever Photoshop any imperfections when it comes to my body, my skin, or anything else. Moles, rashes, stray hairs, and cellulite are just a part of life.


#ImNoModelEither. Image courtesy of a Google Search.

I chose the name Rolls and Curves because lots of blogs of this nature focus on the curves, but insist on hiding or obscuring the rolls and other conventionally unpleasant aspects of being plus sized. Everyone deserves to be happy with their bodies at any size, and I know from experience that it can be disheartening to consistently see people with bodies that look nothing like yours. I’m not “promoting obesity”, or “skinny shaming”, or “body shaming” anybody. In fact, I’m against body shaming of any kind. I think that all bodies are beautiful, and I’m hoping that this blog can help other women feel more confident with their figures.

Because I’ll be putting a lot of time and energy into blogging, and hope to develop a dedicated group of readers, I figured it would be helpful to include some information about me from the get-go.

My name is Danielle, and I am 21 years old and live with my boyfriend (who supports everything I do and is part of the reason I’ve developed confidence in my body). I am not in school and I work part time in a retail environment. I’ve consistently struggled with my body image and mental health for years, and it’s only in the past year that I’ve decided it was time to stop wishing I was somebody else. I refuse to apologize for any part of my being, no matter who gets offended. Life is not always glamorous, and struggling with the expectations of perfection will only become stressful.

I love reading, listening to music and watching movies. My tastes are quite varied. I can go from watching Sex and the City and crying to watching The Human Centipede without flinching. I’m also quite alternative in both appearance and my interests. I wouldn’t say I belong to a specific subculture, but I’m definitely drawn to the darker side of things.

I am a sufferer of endometriosis and a suspected autoimmune condition. Because of this I deal with chronic pain, chronic fatigue, and lots of other symptoms. I am passionate about raising awareness for conditions like this because society has a lot of misunderstandings about what it means to deal with chronic illness. I had laparoscopic surgery on January 10th and it drastically increased my quality of life and allowed me to go back to work without having to call off all the time.

You can feel free to follow me on social media. I’m Rolls and Curves on Twitter, FaceBook, Instagram, and Bratabase. I’m DanielleR-C on Snapchat.

I have a few piercings (“snakebites”, nose piercing, 2 cartilage piercings, and stretched lobes). I used to have my bellybutton and eyebrow pierced but they had to come out. I do not yet have any tattoos, but I’m hoping to change that in the near future.

My body measurements are as follows:

Height: 5’2″

Weight: 210 pounds

Bust-Waist-Hip: 57-38-51

Dress size: US 18. Size 1X/2X.

Shoe size: US size 9

Bra size: I measure up to a UK 36M, but I’m comfortable in 36Ls and sister sizes.

Size of my stretched earlobes: 5/8″

This blog is to be a safe space for anyone of any gender identity, weight, body type, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or any other factor. There will be no name calling, body shaming, or other general rude behavior (this includes slut shaming). When I say “women”, I include all people who identify as a female. To make other women feel more secure reading this blog and offering their input, I would prefer there to be no perverted comments made. This is a blog predominately focused on lingerie. There will be boobs. I will delete any lewd comments.

As of late 2016, I’ve decided to open this blog up to beauty reviews and general lifestyle posts. The reason for this is because I’m unable to review as many bras as I used to given my bust size and financial situation.

Due to my unpredictable life, I can’t give an exact estimate of how frequently I’ll be posting. If you follow me on social media, I’ll make a post whenever I make a new blog post.

Thank you for reading. I hope you stick around.


Updated March 8, 2017




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