Guest Review: Torrid Smooth Push Up Plunge in 40D

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I’m going to preface this with a really simple and blunt statement. Any rude comments left on this post will not be approved. I’m doing this to protect my guest as well as anyone who may stumble upon this post. This blog is a place for everyone, and body snark and transphobia are not welcome here.

This is the first guest review on my blog, and I’m thrilled to announce that it’s with my friend Naomi from the blog Naomi’s Truth. Yesterday I posted an interview I did with her about the lingerie industry and I’d love it if you could check out that post too. If you would also like to provide a guest review for this blog, let me know and we can definitely work something out! I love supporting other bloggers.

Now onto Naomi’s review!

First off, I want to thank my fellow blogger friend Danielle, for allowing me to do a Guest Review on her blog. Thank you. I spent a long time, trying to find a bra to review for this post. I wanted to appeal to the interests of her dedicated followers, while also appealing to a wider base at the same time. So, let me do an brief introduction before proceeding to the review. Hello, I’m Naomi a Transgender Women, I have started my own blog called Naomi’s Truth which focuses on Transgender issues, and lingerie/fashion for Transgender Women or any/all women. I believe in inclusivity.  


As a Woman, I pretty sure you are well aware of the fact, that it’s hard to find a bra that fits and is comfortable. Unfortunately, breasts do not come in universal sizes and shapes, I wished they did. However, that is not the case, and I struggle like any other Women to find a bra that supports me and my growing bust. So, recently I got a couple of bra’s from Torrid when they had their Sexy Sale. I love love their line of clothing, so I figured I would try their bra’s on for a size. I mean, why not? First, the bra’s are just to die for, I’m in love with the aesthetics of Torrid Bra’s, especially with the Smooth Push Up Plunge. The lace detailing all around the band of the bra and covering the lower half of the cups is amazing. I got this bra in the Hot Pink/Magenta and this color on this bra is gorgeous, cute, and sexy as hell.



Although this bra is not a perfect fit, it’s none the less a good fitting bra for me. No bra is gonna fit me 100%, bra’s are simply not designed for the Transgender Woman in mind. Shoot, even cis women will have a hard time finding a perfectly fitting bra. So with that in mind, I look for support and then fit. Fit is secondary to me. I can live with some fitting issues, if the bra can support my breasts. My breasts are wide set, and very shallow, on a bigger than an average size Women’s frame. All of these points can create issues in terms of fit. The cups gap a little near the top, some of the which is caused by the fact I tend to size up in the cups because my breasts are still growing. However the band is nice and tight, very supportive. The cups do encompass my breasts well, and there is not too much spacing between the cups and my breasts. Although, the push up and plunge effects of this bra probably would do wonders for some women, it’s to a lesser extent on me. However, it still gets the job done, it gives me that rounder and fuller look to my breasts.


Overall, I’m very please with this bra, it’s well constructed and of very good quality. The support is excellent, and the fit is very good. Also, the bra is very comfortable, I don’t mind leaving the bra on, after work or a long day of activities. This bra has quickly become a staple in my wardrobe. I have been very pleased with everything from the Torrid line, including their bras.


Thanks again to Naomi for letting me post her review on my blog!



2 thoughts on “Guest Review: Torrid Smooth Push Up Plunge in 40D

  1. cynthia0101 September 24, 2017 at 12:50 am Reply

    Love the mix of color with the black lace. I normally stay away from padded bras, but if I had a Torrid nearby I would definitely pick one up.


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