Curvy Kate Daily Dream Review (38K)

As many of you who follow me on social media might know, I haven’t had a lot of luck with Curvy Kate. I loved the Curvy Kate Gia and liked the Daily Boost when I fit into them, but the second I grow out of a Curvy Kate bras they take on a horrible shape and become extremely uncomfortable. The rest of the models I’ve tried have been horrible across the board. I admit I keep trying Curvy Kate because I love their aesthetic and I don’t like to be super negative about lingerie brands considering how few brands there are that make K cups. That said, I no longer purchase Curvy Kate bras directly because I disagree with some of the decisions they’ve made both with the bras themselves and their PR team.

Daily Dream collage

I originally had a huge post written about how I was boycotting CK, but when they released their new Scantilly campaign I found it hard to publish that post because they were showing willingness to change and take on values I appreciate. It’s just not worth it to rehash old drama knowing it’ll cause a lot of people to become angry with me. I think any company that promotes diversity deserves a chance, even if they’ve made mistakes in the past. That doesn’t mean I’m forgetting the things they’ve done in the past. I’m just giving them a chance to grow as a brand. I spotted this bra on a selling group and bought it because I needed a new padded bra and love the color and pattern. Despite my personal issues with the company, I am always 100% honest when it comes to reviews.

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The Daily Dream is an updated version of the Daily Boost. I admit I absolutely love the Flirtelle Lena which is based on the Daily Boost. It remains a favorite of mine despite being multiple cup sizes too small. The Daily Boost wasn’t as great, however, and it gave me a weird box like shape once I grew out of it. It was also extremely uncomfortable. The Daily Dream is a definite improvement in many ways. It feels sturdier. The foam is softer. The straps and band aren’t as stretchy as the Daily Boost, but they’re still stretchier than other brands. I appreciate that they truly did try to improve upon the Daily Boost, because it’s a risk to completely discontinue a basic like that. This bra is made of a 3 part seamed cup with a light lining of soft foam.

There’s a lot of small details about the appearance of this bra that I love. The metal hooks and adjusters are silver which gives a nice contrast. The color is the perfect minty green for my skin tone, and the white dots are really cute. The gore and wings are embroidered with polka dots. There’s a little button on the gore, which is cute and is a welcome change from the standard bow. The band is a lightweight solid colored mesh, and the wing and band are connected by a criss cross design. I really like the way this bra looks.

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I also love the shape of this bra. It makes my boobs look very large, and the shape is the perfect balance between round and pointy. I really like it. It looks incredible under most clothing. The only limit is that the cups are a little tall and peek out of low cut tops.

The first time I tried on this bra, I realized I couldn’t completely scoop and swoop or else I’d get a lot of spillage towards the middle, while gaping on the top of the cups towards my armpits. I also saw a lot of collapsing at the bottom of the cup where my breast root wasn’t reaching the wire the whole way. I posted on Twitter and Instagram asking for advice, and Curvy Kate commented on the post telling me to size up 2 bands, and down one cup. This would be a 42HH. They completely ignored me and another blogger when we said it didn’t sound right since I was already spilling out of this one. I think my issues with this bra are more of a shape mismatch than a sizing error.


They also told me to use their “Bra Whisperer” service, as if I’m clueless about the size of my bust. I know which size I generally take. I just wasn’t happy with my first impression of how their bra fit me. For reference, I tried their Bra Whisperer service when I was wearing a 36KK volume and it told me to try a 34JJ. There is no way I’d be able to close a 34 band, and a 34JJ would be equal to a 36J. This is 4-5 cup volumes smaller than I usually need from other brands. This experience left a bad taste in my mouth. There is absolutely no way you can “fit” someone into a bra with nothing but pictures on the internet. You can guess a size range, but you can’t tell someone which exact size to try.


After wearing this bra two days in a row to try to break it in, the fit improved significantly. I noticed the more I wore it, the more the cups conformed to the shape of my breasts. I was able to loosen the straps more than I have for any Curvy Kate bra. The band was perfectly snug on me, and the 38 band runs tight at 37 inches. It’s great for me because I’m a 36 band, but be aware this band runs tight before choosing which size to order. My final critique of the fit after having this bra for a couple of months  is that it’s okay, but the cups are a little too tall and shallow for my specific shape. The height of the cups causes a bit of gaping due to my short breast roots, and the depth of the cups doesn’t suit my projected breasts, keeping the wires from following my roots.


It’s interesting to note that this bra only measures half an inch larger in width and .2 of an inch deeper than the 36K Daily Boost. I unfortunately don’t have the cup height of the Daily Boost recorded because I sold it, but these cups are a lot taller. It’s like they kept it roughly the same size but increased the height to fit more boob in the cup. The gore is a little less than an inch taller than the 36K Daily Boost, which makes it much more supportive and comfortable for me despite the fact that the gore doesn’t tack perfectly.


I originally wanted to keep this bra, but after trying the Impimi Adell I realized I was never reaching for the Daily Dream. I feel like I’d need less projection and taller roots to make this work. I’ve decided to list it for sale. I would have kept it to wear at work, but I don’t think the seams are as flat as they’re made out to be.The seams aren’t as prominent as some of my cut and sew bras, but I really hate when seams show through my work shirts. This bra is a definite improvement from a lot of the other stuff I’ve tried from Curvy Kate. I don’t feel uncomfortable, and the shape doesn’t get weird over time. If they could revamp the unpadded bras in the larger sizes to improve the support, they might be a good brand for the upper end of their size range.


Appearance: 10 out of 10

Fit: 6 out of 10

Comfort: 7 out of 10

Quality 7 out of 10

Shape: 7 out of 10

Overall:7.4 out of 10


6 thoughts on “Curvy Kate Daily Dream Review (38K)

  1. Caitlin Hanks March 10, 2017 at 4:52 am Reply

    If possible go up a couple cup sizes as the gore is nowhere nearing tacking.


    • RollsAndCurves March 10, 2017 at 5:00 am Reply

      I know the gore isn’t tacking but if I size up to the 40K (the largest size this comes in) the fit issues will get even worse. The volume of this bra would be okay if it was the right shape for me. The bottom of the cups aren’t being filled because the cups are too wide and shallow. My boobs are crowding the gore and pushing it out because they have nowhere else to go. If the cups were more projected the bottom of the cup would be usable and I wouldn’t have spillage or a gore that doesn’t tack.

      Shallow cups can cause a gore to not tack.


  2. Peaches and Screams Sexy Lingerie May 3, 2017 at 3:29 am Reply

    Yes I think the scoops are two wide and shallow, it would be better if they are deeper and not that wide. Seams showing through work shirts is a no no.


    • RollsAndCurves May 6, 2017 at 6:22 pm Reply

      I really wish it worked out for me because I love the shape. 😦


  3. Anonymous August 31, 2017 at 4:24 am Reply

    Ewww you need to shave your armpits!!


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