Ewa Michalak PL Gazeta Review (95J)

I really didn’t want to bother reviewing this bra because it’s one of the most sought after bras in the lingerie community. I’ve had a few people ask me to review it, so I figured I’d do it anyway. I found this on eBay brand new with tag, in an Ewa size I thought would fit me. I nearly cried. I’ve been in love with this bra since the second I laid eyes on it, but was never able to buy it because it was discontinued soon after the fact. Most of the Gazetas I’ve found for sale over the past 2 years were in a much smaller size than I’d need, so I was super lucky to find this.


I’ve never tried the PL cut before, but as far as I know it hasn’t changed since this bra came out. Correct me if I’m wrong. The PL Gazeta consists of three vertically seamed bottom sections, and one top section. The cups are very lightly lined on their own, and the bra feels like a padded bra when the cookies are in. The newspaper material has a slightly shiny appearance when you look at it in person. The inside of the cups is really soft and comfortable. I really like the way this bra is designed and constructed.

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I love everything about the appearance of this bra. The newspaper print, big red bow, and ruffles are right up my alley. I did try “reading the newspaper”, but it seemed to be small snippets of random things. It doesn’t really mean anything. I won’t go too deep into this part because it’s all personal preference.

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I do think I could use about one cup larger in this bra than in the FB cut, so it seems accurate to say that the FB cut runs larger than other Ewa cuts. I’d most likely need a 42JJ or 40K in other Ewa bras. I’ve never had a bra with cookie inserts, but I really like them. Sometimes I like to wear the pads and have my boobs completely boosted up with amazing cleavage. Other times I like to take them out and have a more natural look. I love the way it looks both ways, although I prefer the slightly more uplifted look I get with the cookies in.


Cookies in


Cookies out

Because it was a brand new bra and the cups are a little small for me, the band feels a bit snug. I really need to break it in. I don’t find the band uncomfortable, and I don’t see any crazy spillage. If you see any “spillage” or “digging” in the pictures, it’s probably because the wings are really low and aren’t providing any smoothing effect. Since it’s a plunge, the gore is pretty low. It’s actually a benefit for me because otherwise the gore would float and it would be a deal breaker. I don’t get a firm tack with this bra. The bottom of the gore feels snug against my chest, but the top hovers a little bit. It doesn’t bother me that much but it is noticeable if I wear something really low cut.


Cookies in


The wires are wider than the ones on my FB cut, and therefore the cups are a little more shallow. This doesn’t bother me, and I don’t notice any collapsing on the bottom of the cups. The wires seem to follow my roots pretty well. I hope the PL cut is always this wide in my size range because I’m really happy with it. The wire length is spot on. They pinch a tiny bit when the pads are in, but when the pads are out I find the wires a little more comfortable. Again, it wouldn’t be as bad if the cups were a little larger. I don’t find that the cups dig in or gape anywhere, and the cups themselves are pretty comfortable for me.


Cookies in


Cookies out

Here’s the part I hate. The straps. They’re a little widely spaced for me, and I don’t think they adjust short enough without hurting my shoulders. Additionally, the straps are attached to the cups with a little length of cordlike material. It makes me feel very insecure in the bra, and the cord chafes my armpits a little bit. I would strongly prefer the straps to be attached to the bra a different way, especially in a size like mine. I could see a lot of people liking this feature though, because it’s different. If it wasn’t such a rare bra, I’d take the bra to get altered to reattach the straps without the cords. I was so excited to get this bra, but the straps are painful and my shoulders ache for hours after taking it off.


I admit I’m a little disappointed in how this bra fits me, but I’m keeping it just because I just love it so much. If my boobs happen to shrink a little bit, it might be a lot better. Despite not fitting perfectly, I feel super confident in this bra and love putting it on under nicer clothes because it gives me a flawless shape and makes my boobs look gigantic. I’m willing to overlook the fit issues and comfort issues. I never wear this bra for long periods of time, it’s strictly a special occasion or bedroom bra for me. Once my financial situation is a little better, I’m definitely going to look into getting a PL in another size and colorway as an everyday bra, and I also want to get ahold of an S cut bra.

Appearance: 10 out of 10
Fit: 6 out of 10
Comfort: 4 out of 10
Quality: 8 out of 10
Shape: 9 out of 10
Overall: 7.4 out of 10


2 thoughts on “Ewa Michalak PL Gazeta Review (95J)

  1. Alana April 19, 2017 at 1:24 am Reply

    How do you find the wire width in EM bras in general? Do you tend to need wider wires? My size range is 38-40K-L and I pretty much only have Elomi and Panache bras now. I’ve tried a few EM bras on in a store before but the underwires were always WAY too narrow, they felt like they were sitting halfway across my boob instead of further towards my armpits. But the supoort was AMAZING!! The few I tried on were super comfortable apart from the wires sitting on my breast tissue, so I’m really keen to find out if there’s any cuts that are known to be wider, or if I could tolerate narrower. You look to be a similar shape and size to me so I thought I’d ask!


    • RollsAndCurves May 6, 2017 at 6:27 pm Reply

      EM (and most other Polish brands) are known for being very narrow. The PL cut is wider than the other cuts in my opinion. I personally remedy the narrow wire issue by sizing up in the band and sister sizing in the cups. I usually need around a 36LL/M or 38L/L (I’ve been fluctuating a lot lately) and I’m about to try out some stuff in a 42K. I love Panache and Elomi bras personally. The EM FB cut is more comfortable and supportive than the PL and BM in my opinion. It’s expensive but totally worth it.


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