E.L.F Cosmetics VoxBox Review

Influenster sent me these products for free in exchange for my honest and comprehensive review. All opinions are my own.

I’m really excited to review a VoxBox for the first time! I’ve received other VoxBoxes from Influenster, but at the time I didn’t have my blog open to beauty products. In case you’ve never heard of it, Influenster is a website where you receive a small box of free product, and then you review it and complete little tasks. It’s completely free and is a legitimate service. You still get products even if you leave a negative review of something. At the time of writing, this is my fourth box from Influenster. This box contains 5 products from E.L.F, an affordable cosmetic and skincare brand.


In my box, I received the Hydrating Bubble Mask, Lip Exfoliator in Mint Maniac, Matte Lip Color in Wine, Baked Highlighter and Bronzer in Bronzed Glow, and Mineral Infused Face Primer in Clear. I have very mixed reviews of this box, but I’ll review each item individually now that I’ve had the time to try each product for myself.


Baked Highlighter and Bronzer

This is my least favorite product in the whole box. At first glance I was excited because the highlighter looks like the perfect champagney-iridescent color that looks amazing around the holidays, and the bronzer looked like it was a light enough color to look okay on my fair skin. When you swatch the highlighter and bronzer with your finger, it looks promising, but the second you actually apply it to the face there’s zero color payoff and the powders literally blend away to nothing. You have to seriously dig into the pans to get any kind of pigmentation, which means that it’s not that easy to use. The bronzer does nothing for me at all, and while the highlighter adds a tiny bit of color and shimmer to my cheeks, it’s not enough to do much. Neither of them work okay as an eyeshadow either. I’d pass on this product. The packaging feels very cheap and fragile, but at the price point I can’t really complain.


No flash



Mineral Infused Face Primer

I tried this primer under three different foundations that I usually love, but didn’t think it did much to increase the longevity of my makeup. I found that my foundation applied heavier over this primer, and it caked up a little more under my nose. My foundation completely broke down on my forehead and upper lip, even though I set it with a powder and didn’t sweat very much. This is the only primer I’ve ever tried that makes my foundation look worse over it. The pump is really unreliable. It’ll go from giving you nothing but air to giving you a huge glob of primer. Considering the fact that you get less than half an ounce of product in the bottle, I’m not happy about that. Again, I can’t complain much for the price point but it’s just something to keep in mind.


The packaging is extremely misleading. It’s roughly the size of a one ounce bottle of foundation, but upon closer inspection you can see that the actual product takes up a tiny bit of the container. The rest is just pointless wasted plastic. The packaging itself isn’t poorly made though. The lid doesn’t feel like the type that will crack and make a mess in your makeup drawer. I think this primer would be better in a little tube. If you’re looking for a great drugstore primer, I’d recommend Hard Candy Sheer Envy. You get 1.6oz of product for roughly the same price as this primer, and it performs well.

Matte Lip Color

I love this lipstick. The packaging feels decent and doesn’t seem like it’ll break easily. I like that the product twists up, and has a sharpener attached to the bottom. The shade is a perfect holiday berry tone, and I feel like it would suit a variety of skin colors and undertones. The application is super easy, it’s like a lipliner and lipstick in one.  It doesn’t dry down completely matte for me. It’s more of a slightly tacky soft matte. It feels comfortable on the lips and doesn’t slip around or bleed. It feels smooth and slightly hydrating. I’ve also used this underneath other lipsticks to get my lines right and I love it for that too. I’m shocked that this is only $3 because it’s actually a pretty solid product. It’s not kiss proof, waterproof, or transfer proof for me. It also won’t last through a meal, but it’s easy enough to reapply that it doesn’t bother me.


Lip Exfoliator


This is my new favorite product. I have really dry lips, especially during the winter, and my obsession with matte lip colors really wreaks havoc on them. I know you can exfoliate your lips with sugar and a ton of other things, but it’s so much cleaner and easier to apply an exfoliant as simply as a lip balm. My lips feel moisturized after using it, but I still apply a lip balm after anyway. What I usually do is put it on before I brush my teeth, and then it comes off after I rinse and wipe my mouth. The mint taste is really yummy too. My boyfriend tried it out and he really enjoyed it as well.


Hydrating Bubble Mask


I was most excited to try this box because of this product. I don’t even care that I don’t like half of what’s in this box because this product alone makes up for it. After seeing a lot of reviews of various bubble masks on YouTube, I was curious about trying them but never curious enough to actually go order one or buy one in stores. I was also worried that they’d irritate my sensitive, eczema prone skin. I tried out this mask with my boyfriend after first cleansing my face with my Yes To Cucumbers gel cleanser. I applied it with a flat foundation brush.

I really love the way the product comes out of the packaging. It looks really fancy and is really easy to use. It also kept my boyfriend from using half the jar on his face. Within a few seconds, it starts to foam up a little bit. It doesn’t bubble as much as the famous carbonated mask, but it’s enough to be fun. My one complaint is that it can feel really weird around the nose. I’ve started skipping my upper lip altogether because I hate sniffing the bubbles up my nostrils. Once the bubbles go away, you’re supposed to rub it into your skin, rinse, and then moisturize. I personally like to rub it in when the bubbles first start popping away. It turns into a lovely Cool-Whip type consistency that’s really creamy and feels nice on the skin. I let it sit for a couple minutes until that starts to go away, and then I rinse it off and follow it up with my Olay Complete All Day Moisturizer.


My skin felt really soft and smooth after taking the mask off. I noticed the next morning that my face wasn’t as oily as it would have been normally, and my makeup applied beautifully. I had strangers complimenting my skin because it looked really luminous and flawless all day. I was really impressed with this mask, and I’ll definitely repurchase it when I run out (which might be really soon because I’ve already used this a million times.)

So overall this was a pretty decent VoxBox even though I hated two of the products in the box. I’d definitely recommend all beauty addicts sign up for Influenster. I’ve already gotten a few beauty boxes from them and I’ve loved most of the things they’ve sent me. It’s a great way to try out new products and give the brand feedback, and it never costs you anything.


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