Rixie Clip Review

Today I’ll be reviewing the Rixie Clip. In case you’re unaware of what a Rixie Clip is, it’s a little device that you can clip onto a bra to tighten or extend the band. Most people that use a Rixie Clip do it to tighten bands in smaller sizes. For example, making a 28 band fit like a 26 band. Others also use it to tighten bands that have stretched out over time to prolong the life of your bra. I’m on the opposite end of the spectrum here. My properly fitted size is hovering around a 36L/LL. My favorite brands like Elomi and Panache don’t make that size. They do, however, make a 40K which fits very well besides the band. I decided to try the Rixie Clip to see just how much it can reduce a bra band because I’m planning on writing a guide for women above a J cup and I wanted to see if I could recommend the Rixie Clip.


My Rixie Clips were generously provided to me in exchange for my honest and comprehensive review. My opinions are not affected by the fact that I received my clips for free, and I do not have an affiliate link or sponsorship with them to promote their products.

Currently, the Rixie Clip is available in 2 and 3 hook options, and each of them are also available in 1/2 inch and 3/4 inch spacing. They come in 3 colors, black, white and “nude.” I really wish they would change the color to “beige” or something like that, because “nude” is not “nude” on everyone’s skin. Just one clip is $7.95, and a 3 pack is $19.95. I asked to try both 3 hook options in black just in case.

The Rixie Clip comes in a cute little package that you open from bending the sides. I like this because you can save the packaging and give them a home so they don’t get snagged on other bras in your drawer. I really like the graphics they use, although I wish there was a larger or more clear way to tell which one it is at a glance. I like that they list what the Rixie Clip is made of, which is great for people with skin allergies. The directions on the back are extremely clear and informative, but just in case you’re still confused there’s a paper inside with more detailed instructions.

My very first impression is that the Rixie Clip is much easier to use than the Strap Saver, which took me a lot of trial and error to figure out how to make it work. It’s literally 3 easy steps and isn’t much more difficult than putting on a traditional extender. Both my boyfriend and I were able to figure it out in about a minute. I tried it on my Bravissimo Nordic Rose in 36L that runs super tight in the band, a 34K Panache Jasmine that’s very old and stretched out, a 38K Curvy Kate Romance that’s always been too big in the band for me, and then a 40K Panache Rhapsody that’s way too large in the band.



36L Bravissimo Nordic Rose:

The Rixie Clip did not work on this bra. Any time I tried to clip it, it would come off the bra entirely, snagging the fabric. I even tried having my boyfriend attach the clip and try to hook it, but it didn’t work that way either. I can get this bra closed with an extender, but the Rixie Clip just isn’t cutting it for. The hooks on the Rixie Clip I used are also pulling out after testing it for this blog post. I didn’t even get a chance to wear it out of the house to warrant the hooks coming loose. The hooks on my bra are also pulling out.

34K Panache Jasmine:

I had a similar experience with this bra. I don’t know why I can’t get this to work as an extender. I fortunately was able to get this one to hook, but it dug into my back so much I had to take it off. I’d avoid the Rixie Clip altogether if you have issues with sensitivity. You won’t like the way it feels against your skin.


40K Panache Rhapsody:

While it definitely tightened the band, it didn’t give me the type of reduction I was hoping for. The bra itself fits slightly better than it did because the band and cups are being pulled a little more taut, but the band doesn’t feel as snug as I would prefer from a bra in my size range. The Rixie Clips feels about the same as wearing the bra on the tightest hooks. I had my boyfriend adjust the Rixie Clip as tight as it could go, but it started pulling the straps in and the clip itself started digging into my back. I couldn’t leave the house because it felt like I was being stung by a mosquito continuously. If I had a 38KK Panache Rhapsody with a Rixie Clip, it would be a perfect fit. Unfortunately Panache doesn’t make the Rhapsody above a K cup.

38K Curvy Kate Romance:

This is the only one that gave me the results I was hoping for, and therefore is the only one I got pictures of. The Curvy Kate Romance is one of the worst bras I’ve ever tried, but I was curious to see if I’d get any more support and better shaping if the band was tighter. It did help a little bit. It felt very comfortable on my back and made my bra band snug, level, and supportive. The bra still doesn’t meet my expectations, but the entire fit has been visibly improved.




I think the Rixie Clip would only be good for tightening up to one band size, and extending a band that you can hook closed without an extender anyway. It isn’t good for significant tightening or extending. I wouldn’t recommend using this on a bra that you really really care about, because it can possibly pull the hooks out of your bra band and/or damage the mesh on the band of your bra. Unfortunately this is the risk you take with any bra accessory. One thing I also noticed is that the Rixie Clip itself is way too tall for the bra bands in my collection, which might be why it’s so uncomfortable for me. It would feel much better if it matched the width of my bra band.

If anyone has any tips or tricks for using the Rixie Clip, I’ll gladly try them out and amend this blog post. But as it stands now, I wouldn’t recommend using this at all unless your situation meets the criteria I stated in my last paragraph. That said, the Rixie Clip would be a good tool to see if tightening a bra band will improve the fit before you actually alter it. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve altered a band, tried the bra on, and found out I still hate the way it fits.

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