Goddess Keira and Kayla Review (40N and 38M)

I’m kind of surprised that I never managed to write a full review of Goddess bras on this blog. I touched on the Goddess Keira in some of my Elomi reviews, but I never actually reviewed a single Goddess bra. I have a very close relationship with my Goddess Keira. When I first found out about proper bra fitting and started hunting for a bra, the first one that I tried and ended up finding a perfect fit in was the Goddess Keira in 38M. First of all it’s extremely lucky that I managed to find my Holy Grail bra on my very first try. Second of all, I still wear that Goddess Keira two and a half years later despite growing out of dozens of bras in that time period. I have a lot of nicknames I use when I refer to it, but the one that truly encompasses how I feel about this bra is “Old Faithful.”


I paid for all of these bras with my own money, and I was not asked to review these bras. It might sound like I’m gushing over these bras, but that’s because they are truly the best bras I’ve come across in my nearly 3 years of bra exploration. If you are plus sized and full busted and can handle wide wires and a tall construction, you need to try this bra immediately.


Today I’ll be reviewing the Goddess Keira and Goddess Kayla bras. I have my original Keira in a 38M, but I recently upgraded to the 40N model. The Kaylas are both 40N as well. This comes out to a UK 40JJ, which sister sizes to a 36KK. I wear them on the tightest hooks. I currently wear a 36L or sister sizes in most other brands like Panache, Bravissimo, and Curvy Kate, so that should give you some feel for how this bras runs size wise.

205_0073_edited.jpgThe Keira and Kayla seem to be the same exact construction and materials, the only difference being the actual colors and appearance. The Keira comes in solid colors only, while the Kayla comes in a variety of patterns. Despite very minute differences in my measurements of the three 40N bras, they all fit the same on me in my opinion. Because of this, I will review all 4 bras as a whole, but I will only critique the fit of the 40Ns because my 38M no longer fits me.

DSCF2189.JPGThe Kayla/Keira is constructed of five parts, including a side support panel. The top panel of the cup is very stretchy, and the fact that it’s mesh keeps this bra out of “granny” territory. The material making up the cups is a satiny material that does have a bit of shine to it. The band is a very strong powermesh. The straps are wide and fully adjustable and connect to the bra in a leotard back design. It has three hooks, which in my opinion is the perfect amount for every day wear. All in all, this is a thoughtfully constructed bra that focuses on unparalleled support and comfort. The best part is that if you try one of the bras and end up falling in love with it, there’s so many bras by Goddess and Elomi based on the same design that come in all types of styles, colors, and designs.


I have the Goddess Keira in Petunia and Turquoise, and the color on both is very bright and eye catching. The color doesn’t fade no matter how many times you wash it, and I love that the color is consistent across the entire bra. I hate when I have fun colored bras with a plain black band. I think the colors make them more accessible for women who don’t want to settle with a basic black, white, or beige although those colors are also available. I have the Kayla in Pecan Eden, which is a leopard print bra that would be perfect for some women of color, and Kitty Black which is a fun print that reminds me of a bikini top.

Cups: The cups are very tall and wide, which is great for me because it keeps everything contained. I have never felt a bra as supportive as this one. The seams of the cup are perfectly placed to lift and shape the bust. The stretchy edge is great because it can extend the life of the bra. My original blue one is a 38J equivalent, and even though I’m currently a 36L/LL I can still wear it comfortably without a lack of support or comfort. The 40N model is obviously better though because it gives me more room for my breasts to be fully contained.

front whole body.jpg

Band: This band literally feels like nothing while you’re wearing it. It’s very high on the sides which keeps all my armpit chub and back fat contained, but it’s not so high that it rubs or becomes uncomfortable. The mesh is very breathable and will stretch in any direction to accommodate any body shape. The front under the gore rolls up a little bit, but it’s never uncomfortable and it never rubs or chafes me at all.

I’m wearing all of them on the tightest hooks and it’s the perfect size for me. I’m not sure what my ideal band size would be in these bras, but I assume it would be a 36. Something worth noting is that the tags of Elomi and Goddess bras are on the wing under the armpit instead of on the back by the band, which I find much more comfortable.


Wires: This is where this bra will lose a lot of people. The wires are super wide and super tall. I personally love it because it helps me feel contained without feeling suffocated the way I do in very narrow wires, but I understand why others might find it uncomfortable. Despite being maybe a hair too wide for me in the correct volume, I feel perfectly supported and don’t feel a loss of comfort. The gore is a little bit too tall for me in the 40Ns, and as a result it doesn’t tack firmly at the very top. That said, this bra is so supportive that it doesn’t really affect anything to not have a perfect tack. I’m noticing that the larger my breasts become, the less I prioritize a hard tack.

Straps: These are my Holy Grail straps. Elomi and Goddess use straps that are very thick, but they’re not extremely widely spaced the way some other brands are when they get into the larger sizes. These straps will never dig, flip around, fold over, twist, or otherwise cause discomfort no matter how long I wear these bras. They’re actually short enough for me too, even though I’m too short and my breasts are too high set and short rooted for most other brand’s straps. The leotard back is infinitely more comfortable than a standard one because I don’t have to worry about the straps falling off my shoulders or digging into my armpits.


Shape: Here’s another part that will lose a lot of people. The shape is very natural under clothing. It’s rounded, but it’s also slightly minimized. It’ll give you the “hourglass from the front” shape instead of the “super narrow and projected and on the front of your body” shape. I personally prefer this shape for every day wear because it can get a little annoying to have my boobs 100% front and center at work. A lot of people use the phrase “east-west”, which can definitely happen if your breasts tend to go towards the middle more than mine do. For me, this is the perfect shape.


Durability: These bras are tanks. As I mentioned above, I’ve had the 38M Keira for two and a half years. The only part of the bra that’s showing any wear is the hooks, which are starting to pull out of the bra a little bit. It doesn’t bother me that it’s happening because I’ve thrown this bra (and only this bra) in the washing machine for the past year. I only wore my 38M during my period or around the house, so I didn’t care if it wasn’t completely perfect. The wires, cups, straps, band, and every other aspect are still perfect.


Considering that these bras are around $40-$45, it’s amazing that they last as well as they do. If you’re the type of person that doesn’t have the time to handwash or the money to invest in bras that don’t last for you, I’d recommend this bra over any other in my collection. In the past year I’ve had 4 properly fitted Panache bras (that cost $60+) pop out of the bra despite the fact that I handwash and maintain them carefully.

In summary: These are my favorite bras. I’d recommend that everyone in the size range try them out for yourself. Even if they’re not as narrow and projected as some people would prefer, they’re definitely comfortable and supportive enough to use as sleep bras or lounge bras. They’re affordable compared to other brands and the value for your money is amazing. I love this bra so much that I own 4 of them, and I’ve owned 2 other sister cuts by Elomi.

Appearance: 7 out of 10

Fit: 9 out of 10 on the 40N model

Comfort: 10 out of 10

Quality: 10 out of 10

Shape: 8 out of 10

Overall: 8.8 out of 10


4 thoughts on “Goddess Keira and Kayla Review (40N and 38M)

  1. mar-fly (@marfybarpes) October 15, 2016 at 10:04 pm Reply

    Alright, you’ve convinced me to try one of these bras again. Can you compare these bras to Caitlyn/Cate? Going by the numbers on Bratabase for index size 34:13 (me!), it looks like Caitlyn is shorter in the band, has a narrower gore and deeper cups – but the only measurement that is a really significant difference is the band.


    • RollsAndCurves October 28, 2016 at 11:03 pm Reply

      I tried the Elomi Caitlyn in a 36J when I was that size. The Caitlyn is firmer than Goddess bras, and is slightly narrower and deeper. Most people will prefer Elomi to Goddess but I personally find Goddess a little more comfortable. Another thing I noticed is that when I grew out of my Elomi Caitlyn it became uncomfortable very quickly, whereas I still have the same Goddess Keira after owning it for a long time. I feel like the Caitlyn was slightly more supportive due to having a tighter band.


  2. Anonymous December 17, 2016 at 10:07 am Reply

    Yes, this is the best bra after the panache rhapsody and I’m exact bra size as you


    • RollsAndCurves December 23, 2016 at 4:41 pm Reply

      That’s really cool! I hope my reviews can help you if we’re the same size and like the same bras.


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