Elomi Etta Review (42J)

Today I’m reviewing one of my new favorite bras, the Elomi Etta! I found the 42J for sale on Bratabase, and decided to go for it. A 42J is a sister size to a 36KK. The Etta is said to be made for a petite frame, so naturally I was extremely interested in trying it. If you’ve been following my blog at all, or if you’ve even read one of my bra reviews you’ll know that my biggest bra fitting problem is finding bras that don’t eat up my entire upper body and gape due to my short roots. This bra has solved all my problems, and is now a staple in my collection. I wear it at least once a week and have even picked up a second one because I love it so much. I bought this bra with my own money, and though I’ve worked with Elomi in the past this review is my honest opinion and is not impacted by the fact that I reviewed products for them before.


These photos were taken while I was on a particularly bad menstrual period, so I am a little more bloated than usual, but it doesn’t impact the way this bra fits. I paired this bra with my Elomi Carmen Briefs in a size 2X. All photos were only edited for color accuracy.

203_0009.jpgThe Etta is made of 4 parts, including the side support panel. It’s considered a bandless bra, so if you struggle with bands rolling up or digging in this is the bra for you. The gore is very interesting because it features a cutout design that I rarely see in this size range. The straps are wide and come with a J-hook to convert this to a racer back. The top of the cup is slightly stretchy, but not as much as other bras like the Elomi Rita or Caitlyn/Cate.

203_0029.jpg I’ll break the fit up into multiple sections for simplicity.

Cups: The cups are super full coverage, but they actually cover less area on my body than other Elomi/Goddess fullcups I’ve tried. The fabric on the bottom of the cups is a smooth laminate type material, and the top is a mesh that’s not too scratchy on my sensitive skin. The side support panel seems to direct everything forward, but not to the extent that other bras like the Panache Jasmine would. I was afraid that the embroidery would show under shirts, but the seams and embroidery all lie flat. I do notice a little bit of wrinkling in the fabric, but I don’t think it’s enough to warrant going down a cup size.

203_0030.jpgWires: The wires are actually a hair too wide for me, but not to the point where they’re uncomfortable or unsupportive. As a result, I do have some space below the wire but I don’t consider this a problem at all and actually find it more comfortable for me specifically. I love how the gore isn’t as tall as other bras I own. It doesn’t poke out of my work polos and I never have to wonder if it’ll be too tall for any shirts I own. The cutout feature is really pretty, and helps this from looking like just another black bra. I don’t feel a loss of support, and it’s still just as comfortable as a normal bra. It tacks beautifully without digging. You can definitely tell this bra is made for a petite frame because the wires don’t come up super high under my arms.203_0046.jpg



Band: I usually don’t like bandless bras. I find that most of them make me feel like I’m not supported properly. I feel more anchored with some extra fabric under the band. That said, this bra is the complete opposite of that. I am wearing it on the tightest hooks because it’s a larger band size than I’d usually wear, but it feels just as supportive as my other bras. The band doesn’t dig in at all, and I actually like the bandless design. It’s a really nice feature on super hot days when I can’t deal with the feeling of a traditional band. I don’t feel any pressure on my chest at all. This band isn’t as high as some of my other bras, and you can see from the side view that it comes up a lot lower than bras like the Panache Tango.



Straps: This is where Elomi bras really shine for me. I’m 5’2″ with sloped shoulders and high set breasts, so most bra straps are too wide set and long for me. Elomi straps are consistently perfect for me, and these are no exception. I don’t have to adjust them very short, and I actually find myself wearing this without the J-hook sometimes because it’s supportive enough the way it is. I actually have to be mindful when I use the J-hook because if I adjust the straps as short as I do for my other Elomi bras with J-hooks, it’s too short.


J-hook unclipped


Shape: This bra gives a very natural and slightly minimized shape, but I think it looks great. I don’t want my boobs to be super projected and out there every single day. This is my favorite bra to wear to work because it keeps me supported while also taking the focus off my boobs. If I wear an Ewa Michalak bra or something like the Panache Jasmine, I’m guaranteed to get at least one gross comment or look from a perverted older man at work. When I wear this, I feel like people actually look at my face. Another benefit to the minimizing effect is that I can wear it under shirts that have printing across the chest without the words getting warped.


J-hook unclipped

In Summary: Elomi really knocked it out of the park with this one. It’s perfect for my petite frame and ticks all the boxes on my wishlist. It’s a really comfortable and supportive bra that suits my wide and short roots, and it’s the only bra in my collection that understands that having big boobs doesn’t mean I need super long straps. It’s not a perfect fit, but I reach for it more than other bras that have a more “textbook” fit.

Appearance: 8 out of 10

Fit: 7 out of 10

Comfort: 10 out of 10

Quality: 9 out of 10

Shape: 7 out of 10

Overall: 8.2 out of 10

8 thoughts on “Elomi Etta Review (42J)

  1. Sunshine1601 January 15, 2017 at 6:03 pm Reply

    I’m glad I found your site as I’m enjoying your bra reviews. You and I are of a somewhat similar build (I may be a bit smaller in the trunk as I’m a 14S in Torrid jeans): I’m 5’3″ and I think I’m a 38N(?). Anyway the Elomi Etta has been my go-to (only) bra for the last 3 years as most other brands/styles are too high at the center gore and under the arm pits and stab me and my shirts. In the Etta I’ve worn a 42JJ which then had the band altered down to a 38. After losing about 20lbs, I was fitted again last week and now I can wear it in a 40JJ with no alterations. I really wish Elomi made more styles specifically for us shorter gals. My bra stylist suggested I try Elomi’s plunge bras as the center gore would be lower. I saw your review for the Carmen, which I want to try, but I wonder if you’ve tried the Matilda style? It’s gorgeous and sexy, especially in the pink or black.


    • RollsAndCurves January 16, 2017 at 12:25 am Reply

      Thank you!

      A US 38N converts to a UK 38JJ, which might make your bra hunt easier. Elomi’s plunge bras are great and the gore and sides are nice and low. I love the Carmen but unfortunately haven’t tried the Matilda or any other Elomi plunges because I’d need a larger cup size at this point in time. I agree it’s gorgeous and I might buy it anyway just because it’s so pretty.


      • Sunshine1601 January 16, 2017 at 2:29 am

        At one point in time I did wear a 38JJ in the Panache Tango balconette as my go-to bra but then my cup “raneth over” and the 38K stabbed me in the armpits. I should try the 38JJ again to see if I can fit into it again. I almost went under the knife this summer, but I didn’t trust the HMO surgeon’s handiwork so I postponed it indefinitely.


      • RollsAndCurves January 16, 2017 at 7:31 am

        Like I said you’ll have to start by remeasuring yourself. Once I know what your measured size is I can recommend other bras. 🙂


  2. Abi May 23, 2017 at 3:30 pm Reply

    happy to see the review of this bra. I am waiting for my first purchase of these in a 36HH and am very hopeful this may become my only bra style ongoing. I’ve never had a comfortable properly fitting bra in my whole life so my expectations are high! I detest the high wires under the arms and cant tolerate the wings to be taller than about 2-3″. these look like they are in about that range. That Panache Tango- holy wow! i could never wear that! I have a lot of top centre fullness to contain and i love a low gore too. I will probably alter the gore to bring the cups together since I need more room usually in the top centre of the cups. I also hate the gore pushing the ladies east-west, I can’t use my arms when the boobies are squished into my armpits. I’m glad of your pics since it gives me an idea of the profile shape i can expect. I like rounder but I’ll take fit over shape.


    • RollsAndCurves May 31, 2017 at 7:28 pm Reply

      I really hope it works out for you! I personally love the Tango because it helps keep me 100% contained, but I love the Etta more than the Tango because it fits me perfectly and is more comfortable than any other bra I’ve ever tried.

      If you’re looking for a rounder and more projected profile that doesn’t have stupidly high wires, you can try Cleo by Panache if you fit into them. I’d recommend the Marcie, Skye, and Blake as a starting point.


      • Abi June 1, 2017 at 12:59 am

        So I have to say that Elomi Etta is a definite winner! THE most well fitting and comfortable bra I’ve ever worn! I’m going to buy more soon while I can find them in my size. The wires extend about 1.5 inches back beyond my tissue under my arms but the wires are short enough that I don’t feel them. I have some empty cup at the outer sides of my breasts but I expected that and can live with it. I will modify the centre bore to join the wires and remove the space between the cups because I do get the East-West division and I need more centered-ness. Thanks again for posting the review for me to find. Helped me finally find the support and comfort I’ve needed for 30 years. I wish I could have found a proper bra like this when I was 13 and larger than any woman I knew.


      • RollsAndCurves July 8, 2017 at 11:11 pm

        Yaaaaay!!!!! I’m so happy for you!!!


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