Elila Leopard Lace Underwire Review (42K)

This is the fourth installment in my Elila series. Check out this post for an introduction to the brand as a whole, this post for a review of the Lace Softcup, this post for a review of the Lace Babydoll, and this post for a review of the Lace Underwire bra. Today I’m reviewing the 2211 Leopard Lace Underwire bra in a 42K. I This is the mocha colorway. Their 42K converts to a UK 42H, which is a sister size of a UK 36JJ. I do not have the matching panty. The ones worn here are the Stretch Lace Cheeky Panty in a 2XL. This set was sent to me in exchange for my comprehensive and honest review. All opinions are my own and aren’t impacted by the fact that I got this for free.

2016-06-24 (2).png

The Leopard Lace underwire bra is made with a 4 piece construction with a full cup sling and side support panel. The material is very interesting. When I saw photos online, I was confused about how this could be a lace when it looks like it’s made out of the same material as bras like the Elomi Rita and Goddess Keira. Sure enough, this is a mesh material with animal print instead of the traditional flowery lace design. It’s not see through in the slightest, so even the most modest person could wear this and still feel comfortable. This bra has a full band with 4 hooks, and wide padded straps. I personally don’t like the way the color looks on my fair and pink toned skin, but if your skin is deeper or more neutral than mine it may suit you better.



Since this is a traditional underwire bra, I can review it normally and break the fit down into a few sections for simplicity and readability. For reference, I usually wear a 36KK-LL and sister sizes. My favorite brands are Panache, Bravissimo, Elomi, and the Ewa Michalak FB line.


Cups: These cups are extremely tall. They’re not as tall as the Stretch Lace Underwire cups, but I could definitely stand to go down a cup so that my short boobs aren’t swimming in these tall cups. Despite the cups not being a perfect fit, I feel like this bra is bulletproof. I’m seriously shocked by how much support Elila’s underwired options offer. This one is no exception. I can run up and down stairs and perform very physical tasks without ever needing to adjust my boobs. My breasts stay as stationary as possible and never experience any kind of pain or discomfort. I think this bra is sturdier than the others because it is made with a 4 part cup construction, while the Stretch Lace Underwire bra and babydoll only have 3 parts.


Shape: The shape I get from this is almost identical to the shape I get in Elomi and Goddess bras. This actually feels like a Goddess bra in every way besides the full cup sling. I spoke to a retailer who told me that Elila was originally based on old Goddess patterns, and that the old Goddess bras had the sling inside. Given that it’s similar to Goddess and some Elomi bras, it’s quite natural with a slight east west appearance. This isn’t the type of bra you’d want to wear under low cut tops or outfits that require your breasts to be front and center.


Band: As with all the others, the band on this is way too large and I have to wear this on the tightest hooks. If I went back and tried more of Elila’s wired options, I would go down one band and one cup size. Despite being too loose, the band appears to be parallel when I wear it on the tightest hooks. I don’t find that it slides around or digs in with wear.


Wires: The wires are very similar to the Stretch Lace Underwire bra, with the gore being just as tall as the others. I don’t find that it gapes as much as the other bras, but it’s definitely not a firm tack. I still feel like my boobs have trouble reaching the bottom of the cups due to the wire width and full cup sling. I feel like a tighter band would resolve some of these problems. The wires are nice and sturdy, which is a great thing to have in very large sizes.


Straps: The straps on this bra are my favorites out of all the Elila bras I tried. They’re extremely sturdy and they don’t tend to fall off my shoulders as much. I don’t find them as wide set as the Stretch Lace Underwire bra. Eila’s straps are quickly becoming my favorites because they don’t dig in at all due to a little bit of padding. I don’t experience any chafing in my armpits from the straps, which is something I experience in other bras in my collection. I tried this bra both with and without the Extra Strength Strap Saver and didn’t notice any difference between the two.


Panties: I did not receive the matching panties so I can’t comment on them. In these images I’m wearing the Stretch Lace Cheeky Panty. You can read more about them in previous reviews.



In summary: I love this bra and all the others I tried from Elila. I can’t really pick a favorite because I love the way this one feels and supports, but I love the way the Stretch Lace bra and babydoll look. The important things to note are that this bra is better suited for someone with wide and tall breast roots. It would also suit someone a little taller than I am, because this bra does tend to take over the top half of my body. While the color and appearance aren’t my favorite, this bra makes up for it with its unrivaled comfort and support. I’d feel very secure recommending this to someone that suffers with chronic pain because it doesn’t even feel like you’re wearing a bra. As with all Elila bras, make sure you read the size chart on their website and/or contact a Customer Service Representative for sizing help. I’d also make sure you can get free returns in case you choose the wrong size the first time around.

This bra is available at many retailers and is usually between $45-$50, making it very affordable despite the quality, comfort, and support I get from it. I could easily see them charging $65-$70 for something this good.

Since this is my final Elila post for now, I wanted to thank Elila for the very generous care package and the opportunity to try out some bras that don’t get a ton of attention in the community.Thank you for your patience. I know it’s taken me a long time to get all four of these reviews posted.

Appearance: 6 out of 10

Fit: 6 out of 10

Comfort: 10 out of 10

Quality: 10 out of 10

Shape: 7 out of 10

Overall: 7.8 out of 10

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