Torrid Cherry Floral Twist Front Bikini Top Review

I have to preface this review by saying that I am not sponsored by Torrid, and I did not receive any products from Torrid in exchange for a review. I have never once been contacted by Torrid. I stumbled upon the Torrid bikinis online and was so enamored with the way they looked that I went to my nearest Torrid location for the sole purpose of trying it on. I was incredibly happy with the result but felt that I couldn’t justify the cost (roughly $70 for the top but it’s on sale right now for $41), and my mother ended up surprising me with it when I went to visit her one day. Even though I received this as a gift, it doesn’t impact the way I feel about this bikini. I loved it from the second I tried it on, which you can see in this post.


I know a lot of people are fighting against the idea that it’s brave for a fat woman to wear a bikini, but trying on a bikini in the first place is a historic event for me. It’s a tangible landmark of how far I’ve come in my journey of accepting and loving my body. It’s one thing to post pictures of yourself in a bra and underwear on the internet when you’re reviewing it in the confines of your house, but wearing a bikini in public is something entirely different. When you’re a fat woman, the very idea of wearing a bikini in public is treated as this untouchable thing that only women who have “earned” their bikini body are allowed to partake in. If you’re a blogger, social media influencer, or have a social media account at all, I’m 100% certain you’ve seen the type of hateful comments people leave on photos of fat girls in bikinis. It might not be brave to simply put on an article of clothing, but it is brave to wear something that opens you up to serious abuse. I feel brave and beautiful in this, and nobody can take it from me.



If you’re a busty and/or plus sized woman, I’m sure you’ve tried on tons of bathing suits and have been unsatisfied with the way they look. It seems like most options out there either make you look like a boob with legs, or they squish your boobs down so far that your stomach is more noticeable than your boobs. It’s also hard to find bikinis in my size range that don’t look like a bra. I didn’t personally want that style because it doesn’t provide enough coverage for me to wear in public comfortably. This bikini comes in Torrid sizes 0-5, which is roughly between a size 12-28. The smallest bust circumference it can accommodate is 40 inches, and the largest is an astonishing 64 inches.  It’s amazing that Torrid is making bikinis in very large sizes, since it seems like the fashion industry is hesitant to offer them. I’m wearing the size “3”, which can accommodate a bust from 50-54 inches. My bust is about 54 -55 inches at the moment.  I measure a 36LL/38L. I’d say there’s a ton of wiggle room when it comes to the cups because it offers a ton of cleavage when it’s a little too small.



This bikini is extremely pleasant to look at. It’s the perfect retro cherry print pattern. It makes me feel confident and I could even see it looking good as a top with high waisted pants or shorts. You can wear it with normal straps, or you can cross them and wear it as a racerback. There’s also pockets for cookie inserts that do boost up my cleavage and make my boobs look giant from the side. The inside contains hidden underwires that are surprisingly strong even by my standards. The fabric is your standard swimwear material. The top is finished off with a really cute cut out in the back to keep it from being too full coverage. Overall, this top is extremely fun and I can’t help but feel like a perfect pinup goddess when I wear it.



It’s hard to critique the fit of something that’s not technically made for your size, but I can say that the bottom band stays relatively sturdy with wear. It rides up the slightest bit for me personally, but that’s because my bust is substantially larger than my underbust (17-18 inches difference!) It would work much better if your underbust and bust are closer in measurement than mine are, or if you could afford to size down.  If you’re in my size range, I wouldn’t recommend wearing this for hardcore swimming because I could see the band rolling up under the wires and exposing extra skin. It would, however, stand up to a relaxing swim in the pool. If you’re busty to begin with, you’ll need something extremely supportive to swim laps without a wardrobe malfunction. In that case I’d recommend getting a swim bra or bra sized bikini top in your actual bra size and wearing a cupless tankini on top. If you’re just going to a pool party or washing cars or relaxing in a hot tub or by the beach, this bikini will be sufficiently supportive. I also think this would be supportive enough for more vigorous swimming if you’re in the small/medium bust range.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

When I was at Torrid trying on bikinis, there were a few that I really loved, but they were way too difficult to put on because the straps simply tied in the back. When you have chronic back pain, large breasts, and short arms, you can’t be bothering with something you have to wrestle with. This one was not like that at all. I can put it over my head and put my boobs in the cups and arms through the straps even easier than putting on an actual bra. The straps are sturdy, which is surprising for multiway bikini straps.  I even jumped up and down in the fitting room and they didn’t pop off, while many other bikini tops with similar straps did. I have a comparison slideshow above. Mine are crooked and coming out of the loops in the pictures because I couldn’t decide which way I wanted it. It’s a lot harder to change the strap position when you’re already wearing it. Rest assured, the straps do stay when you put them in the loops properly.


Even though I love the bikini more than words can say, I really hate the bottoms. I have an inverted triangle body shape and my legs and hips are significantly smaller than my top half. I don’t have much going on in the butt department either. I do, however, have a big tummy. Despite being high waisted and supportive, the ruching make my stomach look larger than it really is and doesn’t do anything for my hips. I’ve attached a picture of me bending over in the bottoms to show what kind of coverage I get in the butt area. It doesn’t show a ton of butt cheek at the bottom, and it’s almost completely opaque. If you have a generous butt, I’d size up unless you like a lower coverage style to begin with. For reference I’m wearing the size 2 which is the best size for me. I preferred the black bottoms to the cherry print ones because I can use it for almost any tankini or bikini I want. I also think it’s much more flattering for me personally to have a solid color on bottom, especially because the bottoms are ruched. If you don’t like standard bikini bottoms altogether, they do have a swim skirt (pictured in header photo)



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