Elila Stretch Lace Underwire Baby Doll (42K, 2X)

This is the fourth installment of my Elila series. Go to this post for an introduction to the brand and my overall thoughts, this post for a review of the Lace Softcup, and this post for a review of their Stretch Lace Underwire bra. In this post, I’m reviewing the 9311 Lace Underwire Babydoll in a 42K. This is roughly a 42H in UK sizes, which sister sizes to a 36JJ. I’m really excited to review this babydoll because it’s so rare to find one that’s made in a variety of cup sizes on larger bands. Up until now I’ve only tried cup free babydolls that offer zero shaping or support, and plus size babydolls with tiny underwired cups that are even worse than a cup free one. This set was sent to me for free in exchange for my comprehensive and honest review. All opinions are my own and aren’t affected by the fact that I got this for free. I apologize ahead of time for my photos. My camera was having trouble focusing on the black lingerie and some of the pictures were taken at a separate time in a different location.


This babydoll is based on the same construction of the bra in my previous review, but I think they fit very differently on me. Some of the sections will be copied and pasted from the previous review because some things, like the panties, fit the exact same way. It’s interesting to note that they are technically the same volume, the only difference being that the 44J bra has a larger band. Like the Lace Underwire bra, this one is the same 3 piece cup design with a full cup sling. It has the same wide and fully adjustable padded straps and the same wide band with 4 hooks. The lace is incredibly soft and smooth, without even a hint of scratchiness. The only apparent difference in the construction of the bra and babydoll is the fact that the babydoll has a stretchy mesh skirt that’s split in the middle with a ruffled design.


As I did with the previous review, I’ll break this one down into sections for simplicity. For reference, I am in the 36-38 KK-LL size range and usually wear bras from brands like Panache, Bravissimo, Elomi and Ewa Michalak.

Cups: Even though they appear to be exactly the same, the cups of this babydoll fit differently than the ones on the bra. They’re just as tall and wide, but for some reason the gore hovers a lot more and I get a ton of spillage in the center that just gets worse over time. At the time of writing I’ve been wearing this babydoll for roughly 2 hours and my breasts are touching in the middle, with the gore hovering a few inches above my chest. Because my breasts are spilling out the top, they’re having trouble reaching the bottom of the cups. The lace at the edge of the cups is completely flat, but the closer it gets to the gore the more it gapes. If I force the gore against my chest it’s clear that the cups are the right volume, but something is going on with the shape that’s making it fit a lot worse than the bra version.



Spillage and gaping after 2 hours of wear

Even though I have a few fit issues, this bra still manages to provide a ton of support. I can run down the stairs in this and feel perfectly supported. I like to wear this when I’m writing blog posts, browsing the internet, or reading because it’s a lot prettier than pajamas and gives me the comfort of being braless with the benefit of being supported.

Shape: For some reason the shape isn’t as good as the bra version. It’s a lot more east/west in my opinion and it tends to give a slightly pointier shape at the apex. I don’t consider this a con, but I know a lot of women stray away from anything that’s even the slightest bit pointy. I feel like some of the shape differences can be attributed to the amount of spillage I’m having at the top.


Band: The band is a big improvement over the 44J. It feels comfortable if a little bit loose on the tightest hooks. I think I’d be a 40 band in Elila’s underwire options. As I mentioned in my previous review, I’d love to see how this bra/babydoll fit in the 40K. It would be one cup and one band smaller than this, which may help with the issues I have from wearing a bra that’s way too tall for me. I found it extremely difficult to measure the band because of the babydoll construction, so unfortunately I can’t say how tight the band runs. I can immediately tell that the band is tighter than 42 bands from Lane Bryant, so I feel comfortable saying that this is a true 42 band.

I love the little cutout under the band. It adds a cute touch to the back and keeps it from looking too boring from behind.


Wires: The wires appear to be too wide for me, but I think it’s just because I have trouble reaching the very bottom of the cups due to the full cup sling and spillage at the top. No matter how I adjust, I can’t get my breast into the sling without it folding and resting against the wire. I get a little wrinkle in the front where the wire and sling meet, but I notice this little wrinkle in promotional images from Elila so I don’t think it’s a huge deal. This effect is minimized when I imitated the look of a tighter band.


The gore is extremely tall (the tallest in my collection, a full inch taller than the Panache Tango) and can tend to hover due to it’s height. It’s also designed to have a V shape at the top, but I don’t personally understand the advantages of the V shape as opposed to a standard gore. The babydoll version hovers significantly more than the bra, which doesn’t make sense to me because they’re the same volume and imitating a tighter band on the 44J made the gore sit flatly against my chest.


Straps: While the straps of the bra version were basically falling off my shoulders and had to be supplemented with a Strap Saver, I don’t have the same problem in the babydoll. I’m wearing a Strap Saver in some of the pictures but you really can’t tell a difference. The straps are the perfect length for me on the shortest setting. They sit flush on my shoulders without sliding around or digging in. I think the reason the bra version felt so much looser is because it’s a band size larger, and is therefore made for someone wider than I am. It also doesn’t help that my shoulders are sloped and don’t play nice with most bra straps.


Elila straps seriously spoil me though. They don’t dig in at all, and the front part of the strap that connects to the cup is padded with the material that makes up the cup sling. It keeps me from getting chafed in my armpits and feels super comfy. I notice the chafing a lot more in other bras because they don’t have this feature.


Skirt: A lot of babydolls are made of one piece of mesh that goes all the way around without any breaks or designs. I find that babydolls designed this way can cling to a larger tummy, so this split design is much better if you’re self conscious about that. I also find that it’s a lot more..umm..accessible in the bedroom than other options because you can part it easier. It’s comfortable to sit in because it’s not tight on the stomach and it’s not scratchy or cheap feeling at all. It’s the perfect opacity. You can see through it but it’s not completely sheer. It comes down mid thigh for me (I’m 5’2″) so keep this in mind. If you’re significantly taller than me this might be too short. This would be a very safe option if you’re nervous about wearing lingerie for your partner for the first time. You don’t have to worry about showing off more than you’re comfortable with.


Panties: I absolutely love the Stretch Lace Cheeky Panty. It’s so full coverage and offers firm support. I’m wearing the size 2XL which is a spot on perfect fit for me. I love how the stretch lace is extremely stretchy and conforms to the butt, even if you don’t have a lot going on in the butt department. These panties are amazing to wear with jeans or under dresses because they really smooth out your stomach. Although the seam doesn’t line up perfectly with my butt crack, the lace is so soft that it doesn’t bother me. I normally hate panties that show my butt cheeks through them, but these are my favorite underwear. The gusset is relatively narrow, so keep that in mind if that sort of thing bothers you. The black colorway isn’t as shiny and sheer as the coral colorway, so it’s a lot more modest and hides more lumps and bumps. If you’d like a smoother look I’d go with the darker colors like the black, plum, and red. I’ve been wearing these in a lot of my reviews because they’re awesome and black panties go with everything.


They look bluer than the babydoll, but I think it’s just from the flash. They match in person.

In summary: While I love the bra version of the Stretch Lace Underwire construction from Elila, the babydoll version doesn’t fit the same way and I don’t like how it looks as much as the bra. I’m wondering if the cups run smaller because of the black colorway. I’d be interested to try the Stretch Lace bra in the same size in black to see if I have the same issues. Despite my personal fit issues I’d recommend trying this on because it’s an extremely comfortable and cute babydoll that can fit a variety of sizes and shapes in the plus size range.


The pitfalls are that it’s a tall bra all over, so shorter women or women with high set or short rooted breasts may have problems with the cup and gore height. I’d definitely recommend trying this with free returns because it can take a little bit of time to find out what size you actually need. This bra runs massively huge compared to other bras in a similar size range. The panties actually complement the set rather than just being thrown together for aesthetics. This is a beautiful functional set that I’d recommend to fans of Elomi and Panache. I really wanted to love this, but unfortunately it’s not a perfect fit. I will update this post if I decide to try it in other sizes.


Another great thing about this babydoll is that it costs about $70 from most retailers, which is on par with what bras in this size range cost. It costs about the same as some of the Lane Bryant and Torrid babydolls, but this one is much higher quality. It’s a lot more affordable than some options in this size range, especially considering the massive size range and amazing quality.

Appearance: 8 out of 10

Fit: 4 out of 10

Comfort: 10 out of 10

Quality: 9 out of 10

Shape: 5 out of 10

Overall: 7.2 out of 10

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