Introduction to Elila

If you’ve ever heard of the brand Elila, chances are it’s because you stumbled upon their wireless softcups that go up to a US 52N. Many people don’t even know Elila makes bras with underwires. I was introduced to their underwire line one night while I was browsing Bratabase looking for soft cup or extremely comfortable underwire bras that can accommodate a UK 36LL/38L bust. As many of you know, I’m a chronic pain sufferer and sometimes my back pain flares up so bad that the feeling of most underwires is intolerable. I’ve been all about comfort lately, and I kept coming across reviews that said Elila’s underwired options are extremely comfortable. The review that sold me on Elila was the ones written by Holly Jackson of The Full Figured Chest. Her reviews can be found here, here, and here I decided to contact Elila, and they sent me a very generous package so that I could review some of their pieces. As always, I’m an extremely honest person and don’t sugarcoat anything. All opinions are my own and aren’t influenced by the fact that I received these sets free of charge.

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My very first impression of Elila is that their customer service is the best I’ve ever dealt with. They followed up with me to make sure my pieces fit, and when I tried out some bras that didn’t work out due to sizing issues they allowed me to send them back and exchange them for different sizes free of charge. I know of brands that won’t allow you free exchanges even if you buy from them. They listened to my feedback and sent me sizes and models that worked out a lot better for me from the ones I originally tried.

The pieces I received were:

(2311) Full Coverage Stretch Lace Underwire Bra [Size 44J)

(3311) Two Pairs of the Stretch Lace Cheeky Panty [Size 2XL)

(2211) Leopard Lace Underwire (Size 42K)

(1303) Lace Softcup Bra [Size 42K]

(3503) Lace Microfiber Panty [Size 3XL]

(9311) Stretch Lace Underwire Baby Doll [Size 42K]

When I received my first box, I tried the babydoll, stretch lace bra, and leopard bra in a 46K and tried the classic (1305) Jacquard Soft Cup in a 40N. I converted my UK size to US sizes because I assumed Elila’s fitting guide wouldn’t give an accurate result due to the fact that they asked me to use the +4 method. The result was that the cups were all too huge on me. The 46 bands were gigantic, and I couldn’t even get the 40 band closed. If you decide to order from Elila, I definitely recommend using their chart and going with the size they tell you. According to their website, their pieces are “classically designed”, which means most people will need to try a larger band size and a smaller cup size. For the record, I usually wear a UK 40K in Panache. This is a sister size of 36L, and since Panache uses very tall cups I can go down a size from what I’d normally need in brands like Elomi and Bravissimo. The bras I tried convert and sister size down to a 36JJ/38J and fit me decently. I’ll go over the fit of each individual piece in my full review.

I did notice some universal pros and cons about the pieces and brand itself, so I’ll post them here.


Extremely comfortable

Extremely supportive

Pleasant shape under clothing. Between the vintage shape and modern shape.

Strong underwires

Very soft and comfortable fabrics

Beautiful attention to detail

Very large size range for plus size women

Wirefree bras that can accommodate a UK JJ cup and beyond.

Underwear are amazing. They’re all comfortable and breathable. The cheeky panties are my new favorite underwear because they’re super supportive and sexy.

Reasonably priced. Most bras in the $50 range. The babydoll is $71 which is a steal.

Elila is sold in a ton of US stores.

Bows are sewn onto the gores very securely, they don’t move around like most other bras.

Great option for plus size women who may be sized out of most UK brands.



Brand is geared towards plus sizes, petite women are therefore left out

Wires are a little tall for my liking, gore doesn’t tack perfectly because it’s way too tall.

Size chart is hard to get used to

Straps seem too long and widely spaced for me.

Cups seem to be made for someone taller and wider than me

Seems to be a big difference between band sizes. 40 was super tight, 42 was on the looser side, 44 was very loose, and 46 was extremely loose.

Shape may not be as round and projected as most full bust women would prefer.

Some women won’t like how full coverage everything is.


I’ll review each item individually, so look out for them within the next few days/weeks.

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