Lady Voluptuous Vintage Summer Rose Verena Dress Review (22/24)

Note: I’m wearing my Flirtelle Lena bra in a 36JJ underneath with high waist panties and pantyhose. I’m not wearing any shapewear. My skin tone looks incredibly saturated because I had to alter the color settings to make the colors of the dress look true to life. 

All of the images that aren’t of me are from the Lady V website, and none of these links are affiliate links. 

This is the first clothing review I’ve done that doesn’t have anything to do with bras, and I was pretty nervous about opening my blog up to clothing reviews. This dress was generously gifted to me for the purpose of review, but I think you’ll find from my review that my opinions are completely unaffected by the fact that this dress was a free gift.

I’ve had this dress in my possession for about a month, and I’ll tell you right away that I have some issues with the way it fits. I had originally wanted to get it tailored so that I could show how it fits unaltered and then how I’d like it to fit, but unfortunately all the tailors in my area have their hands full with prom and spring weddings. Since it has been about a month, I figured I was taking too long and decided to review it unaltered.


Lady Voluptuous is a sub brand under the Lady Vintage brand. While Lady Vintage does have some plus size dresses under their own name, the Lady Voluptuous line was developed specifically for fuller figures and was created in collaboration with Georgina of the blog Fuller Figure Fuller Bust. I want to make it clear from the beginning that any negative things I may say about this dress aren’t a reflection of the Lady Vintage brand or Georgina. Some things just don’t work out for everyone and that’s perfectly fine. We’re all individuals and something that one person hates could be someone else’s favorite thing.

I was sent the Vintage Summer Rose Verena dress in a UK size 22/24. Keep in mind I generally wear a 16/18 in US sizes. Right off the bat I want to say that I’m confused by the sizing. It goes 16, 18, 20, 22/24, 26/28, and 30/32. I understand that it’s more cost effective to have fewer sizes that are meant to fit a wider range of people, but I feel that garments like this shouldn’t skip sizes because it can cause fit issues, especially for extremely curvy women. Due to my bust circumference I was told to size up from the size 20 that I would have preferred for the rest of my body. If they were going to keep the double size concept, I’d prefer a size 20/22 in this particular dress because I have some problems with the fit everywhere but the bust.

For reference I am 5’2″ and my Bust-Waist-Hip measurements are 53-36-50. This makes me extremely hard to fit because most women in my size range are much taller and the way plus sized clothing is designed reflects that. The Verena in a size 20 measures 45 inches in the bust and 38 inches in the waist, and the 22/24 measures 50 in the bust and 43 in the waist. I want to point out that this allows for a 7 inch difference between bust and waist, which isn’t that much different from other plus size brands that aren’t made for a person with a voluptuous figure. I’m assuming that they’re using “voluptuous” as a euphemism for “plus size” rather than referring to the shape of the body. To get the correct size I’d need the waist of a size 18 and a bust size between 22/24 and 24/26 (that doesn’t exist.) Again, I’m really not a fan of the sizing of these dresses.

Size Chart.png

Size chart for this dress

torrid size chart.png

Torrid Size Chart

This dress is an odd fit on me. It’s about 2 inches from my ankles when I’m not in shoes, but it doesn’t get much better even with 6 inch heels. I feel like the long skirt makes my figure look strange. It looks like I’m overwhelmed with fabric. If you’re around my height and don’t like super long dresses, you might be better off choosing another dress from the Lady V collection. An example of a dress that comes up shorter is the Maria, which has a 27 inch skirt to the Verena’s 30 inch skirt. If you like long skirts, you’ll love this dress. It’s a matter of personal preference. I folded some of the excess fabric up under the waist to see how it would look if it was shorter, and I thought it looked a lot better on my petite frame.

IMG_7145.JPG IMG_7237.JPG
The bust area fits fine, but I notice that there’s a lot of excess fabric in the back and around the waist. I wish there was more room in the front of the dress and less in the back because I notice the dress sags around my back. The neckline is also slightly tall for me and it gapes a little bit because it’s not hitting me at the right spot. My biggest fit issue with this dress is the strap area, and it’s the closest thing to being a deal breaker. The straps are both too long and too widely spaced, which is a problem I have with most clothing due to the fact that I have sloping shoulders and high set breasts. I find that the straps make my shoulders look very broad, which is something I imagine most plus sized women wouldn’t like.

I don’t think someone with more average proportions would have an issue with this dress. I’m just too short, too curvaceous, and my breasts are too high set to get a good fit. If I add a belt around my waist I can see an immediate difference in the way the dress looks because it hides some of the excess fabric in the waist and accentuates my curves. If I add a super cleavagey bra I don’t have as many issues with the neckline. The only issues that are really a problem in the long term are the skirt length, back sagging, and the straps. Curvy Wordy had similar problems with the bust and back area, which she discusses in her review of another Lady Voluptuous dress.

When I first tried the dress on I worried that the fabric was too stiff and scratchy, but after a single wash and air-dry it’s become much softer and the fabric has a little more stretch to it. This is true of most clothing that’s brand new, and all clothing should be washed before wearing it. Despite the fact that the fabric is thick I don’t find that it makes me hot. I’m one of those people that’s always sweating and hot so this is a huge bonus for me.

I love the print, and I think it’s perfect for spring and summer. The dress is slightly more green than it appears in the picture so keep that in mind if you’re trying to find matching accessories. I’m usually not a fan of green at all but this green is blue toned enough to look decent on my fair and pink toned skin. The pink flowers on the dress practically jump off the fabric because they’re so vibrant and eye-catching.

All in all, I have a balanced list of pros and cons about this dress and realistically I’m going to have to get it tailored to get my ideal fit. I’m not going to say that I absolutely hate this dress, but I do wish some things could be tweaked. I’ll definitely follow up if I get this dress tailored because I think it’ll be a great piece to have in my wardrobe for spring and summer. I’ll be sure to try some more dresses from both Lady Vintage and the Lady Voluptuous line because I’m in love with a lot of their prints and would love to see how other pieces compare to this one. I’d also love to try out the skirts because it would help me avoid the bust/strap issue altogether.

My top five favorite dresses that I’d like to try from Lady V are:

Pretty Pink Floral on Black Eloise Dress in a size 20/22

Pretty Black on Pink Eloise.jpg
Pink Rose Madison Dress in a size 22

Pink Rose Madison.jpg
Red Poppy Maria Dress in either a size 20 or 22/24

Maria Red Poppu.jpg
Vintage Summer Rose Madison dress in a size 20 or 22

Vintage Summer Rose Madison.jpg
Violet and Grey Rose Print Tea dress in a size 22

Violet Grey Tea Dress

Unfortunately a lot of these are sold out. 😦



4 thoughts on “Lady Voluptuous Vintage Summer Rose Verena Dress Review (22/24)

  1. wendybien April 27, 2016 at 8:02 pm Reply

    I have a short waist and encounter many similar problems with the fit of this type of dress, whether or not they are designed for curvy/busty women. At 5’4″ I also am used to dresses that are featured as knee length on the tall models in stock photos, hitting me at mid-calf!

    Looking at the fit in the stock photo, it seems to me that the model’s dress hits almost under her breasts rather than at the natural waist (I know the natural waistline can be quite high on curvier women but on her this sits REALLY high, like just an inch or half-inch below empire-waistline level). I would be curious to see how it fits on you if you were just to pin the straps shorter very carefully maybe 1″ at the front of the shoulderline seam, and 2-3″ at the back of it, if that makes sense, since it’s excessively long on the back of your torso. I suspect this would fix some of the weirdness in the vertical fit.

    I also think the model is wearing a petticoat or crinoline underneath the skirt in order to get that slightly fuller appearance. Granted she is still taller than you–but this type of foundation “eats up” a good few inches of skirt length and I think you might like the look!


    • RollsAndCurves April 28, 2016 at 10:50 am Reply

      Thank you for your suggestions. I’ll have to try them out. 🙂

      I don’t know if you saw my Land’s End post, but I showed a dress there that’s specifically made for petite women and I found it bust friendly and flattering.

      I think all the Lady V dresses are shown with petticoats, but mine didn’t come with one so I just reviewed it the way it came to me. I definitely think a petticoat would help a lot, but having an inseam length of 24″ means that most dresses are way too long for me unless they’re specifically designed to be shorter.


  2. wendybien April 29, 2016 at 8:37 am Reply

    ohhhh I did NOT see the Land’s End post! Lots of pretty things! I wish I had someplace to wear cute dresses… I really, really like that horizontal stripy swimsuit as well.

    I agree you would want the skirt shortened even if wearing with a petticoat, at least if you are wanting a somewhat modern look. Mind you, if you wanted to be 100% retro this calf-length full skirt silhouette would be period-appropriate I guess!


    • RollsAndCurves May 3, 2016 at 5:10 pm Reply

      I’m considering just selling it and getting a dress that I’ll get more wear out of.


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