Trying On Torrid Clothing and Swimwear

TRIGGER WARNING: I have some self harm scars visible in some of these pictures, if you’re triggered or upset by pictures showing self harm scars, you might not want to look at these pictures. I was going to edit them out, but they are a part of me and I didn’t want to hide them.

If you’re a plus size woman, you know how hard it is to find clothing in your size that actually fits and looks good. If you’re a young plus size woman, it’s even harder to shop for clothing because a lot of the available options will be more suited for mature women. An example is Lane Bryant. They make decent clothing in a variety of sizes and cuts, but the vast majority of their clothing is intended for women who want a more classic look. This is where Torrid comes in. I’m going to do a review of Torrid as a store, and I’m also going to show some of the clothing I tried on while I was there. I was not paid for this post, and the links I’m sharing are not affiliate links.


Torrid was founded in 2001 by Hot Topic. Since then, they’ve distanced themselves from the Hot Topic brand name and have opened 300 stores in the United States. The unique thing about Torrid is that they feature a similar aesthetic to some of the clothing sold at Hot Topic. They sell a slew of licensed merchandise, in addition to things with a more “alternative” edge to them. They’ve since been toning down the amount of edge in their clothing, but they do have a lot of things that I’ve never seen other stores carry.

If you’ve never shopped at Torrid, you might be confused by their sizing system. Rather than using numbers like 10, 12, 14, and so on, Torrid uses a sizing system that goes from 00-6. This spans an equivalent size range from 10-30. The way it was explained to me in store was that they’re traditional plus sizes (like 2X) without the X. You can check out their size chart if you’re confused. Torrid also has five lengths for their jeans. They carry Extra Short, Short, Regular, Tall, and Extra Tall. This is amazing for someone like me that has extremely short legs.

Torrid’s fitting rooms are incredible, by the way. Each fitting room is extremely spacious and has a huge mirror with amazing lighting. You also get a very large bench to sit on, and a fan in the corner. The entire fitting room area is air conditioned (even in winter) and there’s a lot of emphasis on the small details. Torrid understands the way it feels to be plus sized, when you’re in a fitting room sweating your ass off worrying that you’re going to ram your elbows into the walls. They’ve provided a comfortable environment for plus sized women to try on clothing without bursting into tears. I admit it was a life changing experience to try on clothing without feeling like a freak.

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My local Torrid has only been open for less than a year, and I’ve only been able to visit it twice. The first time I went, the entire staff was kind and helpful. They made me feel welcome and helped me when I couldn’t find something in my size. The store was tidy and everything was set up perfectly. The second time I went, the staff ignored me and rolled their eyes when I asked for help. They also got impatient with me when I was taking up a fitting room for too long. The store was a complete mess and it was hard to get anything off the racks without pulling 4 other things down with it. It was nearly impossible to read the size tags because everything was all jumbled together. Since the store was so much busier the second time I went, I’m going to give the staff the benefit of the doubt and assume that they were getting flustered and couldn’t keep up with the amount of people in the store. My experience with the employees and store do not impact the way I feel about Torrid as a company.

Now that I’ve reviewed the actual store, I’m going to jump right into the stuff I tried on. All the product pictures I used are from Torrid’s website. I’m wearing the Panache Tango in 38JJ, and am not wearing any shapewear with anything. My bra size is usually between a 36KK and 36L. I’m 5’2″, and my body measurements are 54-36-50. I’m just wearing my panties in my bikini photos because I didn’t bring a bikini bottom back with me (oops.)


Torrid Jegging – Medium Wash (Size 18S)


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These are seriously my Holy Grail jeans. I’m 5’2″, and I’ve never been able to find jeans that fit my waist and legs the way these do. It’s extremely hard to find jeans that fit my waist and legs the way I want. I’ve had way too many pairs of jeans get ripped because I was walking on them the entire day. The only jeans I’ve ever had that I truly loved are the D.Jeans High Waist Skinny jeans, but they’re discontinued and have been wiped off the face of the planet. These are the only jeans I’ve ever loved more than them.

They didn’t have the Extra Short inseam in store, but I think the short was a decent length at 27″ inches. The Extra Shorts would be ideal for me. I didn’t experience any digging or rubbing at the waistband area, and the 3 button high waist construction really did help hold in my tummy. I was even able to tuck my shirt into the jeans and have it look just as good. If I was going to jump on board the high waist jean and crop top trend, these would be the jeans I’d choose. They also did a lot for my butt, which usually looks very flat and small compared to the rest of me. If you’re short and plus sized, you absolutely need to try these on.

Since these are Jeggings, they’re very soft and stretchy. I didn’t experience that “new jean” feeling. The only downside is that they’re pretty pricey for Jeggings, especially considering the fact that Jeggings wear much faster than jeans and tend to get holes in the crotch/thigh area. They also don’t have real front pockets, which is a stupid trend in my opinion. I’m hesitant to buy these full price without knowing how quickly they wear out.

Striped Challis Sundress (Size 2)


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This dress is very lightweight and breathable. It’s definitely suitable for spring and summer. Even though it looks really casual in the Torrid photos, it can definitely be dressed up if you wanted to. I think this dress is adorable. It really accentuates my bust and skims over the rest of my body. It’s extremely comfortable too. There’s nothing on this dress that digs or rubs my body weird, even though straps as thin as these are usually a problem for me.

Some features I really liked about it were the fact that the straps are fully adjustable, and that the back is smocked. These features made the dress a perfect custom fit for me, and I think this could fit a wide variety of body types. It’s a great length for me and hits right above my knees.

If you like the cut of this dress but don’t like the color or pattern, Torrid makes over a dozen variations of this style. I’d love to grab a few of these because I love wearing dresses, but I have trouble finding ones that I like enough to actually wear in public.

Striped Floral Challis Sundress (Size 3)


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I love the way this dress looks on the hanger, but it’s just not a good fit for me. It’s the same cut as the dress above, but this one is a size larger and it doesn’t look as flattering. It’s very baggy in the waist area. I’d say to go down a size if you’re between sizes.

I find the pattern so loud that it completely drowns out the shape of my body. I think this dress would look a lot better if the top was plain stripes, and the flowers were only in the bottom half. It would break up the pattern and emphasize my bust and waist.

Floral Cutout Swing Dress ( Size 18)


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I’m not sure if this dress is just too big for me, or if it’s a weird fit altogether. The blue Challis dress in a size 2 is supposed to fit a size 18/20, but this appears to be too large in a size 18. I couldn’t reach to zip it myself, but even when I pulled the two sides together as if it was zipped I still had that extra fabric showing under my armpit.

Fit issues aside, I love this pattern and the cut of the dress. It’s very retro inspired, and the cutout back is a great addition (remember to wear sunblock or you’ll get a cutout tan line.) It looks pretty similar to some of the dresses we’ve been seeing from brands like Lady V London. I’d really like to try this in a size 16 to see if it fits me better.

The fabric making up this dress is much heavier than the fabric making up the previous two, so as a result it’s not nearly as comfortable and breathable. It’s also disappointing that this one actually has to be zipped, because not everyone can reach. The cutout makes it nearly impossible to zip this dress and put it over your head, and you can’t step into it either. I’d like to see this dress with a smocked back like the other two so that it’s easier to put on when you have back problems and can’t bend that way.


Striped Long Line Bikini Top (Size 3)


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Oh god. This bikini. I really love the way it looks. It’s absolutely perfect appearance wise. The problem is actually getting in on and having it stay. The straps aren’t actually connected to the back, so you’re forced to tie them in some way. It was extremely difficult for me to even get this bikini top on, and this was as good as I could get it. Every time I tried to pull the straps up, they came undone.

I tried to do the “jump test” to see how supportive this was, and my boobs literally pushed the cups down and they ended up underneath my boobs somehow. I had visions of me wearing this at the beach and having it get snagged on something and pulled off of me. At $70, this is definitely not something I’d want to watch float away in the ocean.

If you can make styles like this work for you, you’ll love this! I just need something a little more secure to hold up my boobs. The only reason I’m getting any support at all is because the cups have a pretty strong underwire and are designed to push the bust up.

Cherry Floral Twist Front Bikini Top (Size 4)


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I’m going to be honest and say that the entire reason I went to Torrid for my second trip was to try this bikini top on. I’m absolutely obsessed with cherry print. I was determined to find a bikini top for me to wear this year because I think it’s really empowering for a plus sized woman to wear a bikini in public when she used to hate her body. I wanted something that was a longline, but it’s extremely hard to find anything longlined in my size range.

When I tried this on, I broke down in tears in the fitting room because I felt so beautiful.

The straps are a lot more sturdy than the previous bikini I tried on, and they’re connected with those hook things that multiway or strapless bras have. The straps are fully adjustable, so I was able to adjust them to the perfect length. When the straps are worn crossed, the whole bikini feels very sturdy. I was able to jump with minimal bounce, which tells me this would be supportive enough for a trip to the pool or beach.

The cups have a decently strong underwire, and have pockets for cookie inserts to go in. The ones provided are a little bit too small for me, but I’m sure I can find some that give me a decent boost. The sides are nice and high, keeping all my armpit fat hidden inside the bikini. I don’t have any boob spillage towards the sides.

I posted some pictures of me in this bikini on FaceBook, and my mom was so proud of me that she actually bought it for me as a surprise. I’ll be doing a whole review of this bikini soon.


Strappy Lace Bralette (Size 3)


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From first glance you can tell this doesn’t offer that much support. That being said, this is dead sexy. It’s extremely difficult to find anything strappy in my size that doesn’t completely break the bank. Despite having no underwires, this lace is strong enough to hold my boobs higher than they naturally hang. It gives them a rounded appearance and keeps them reigned in. They still have a lot of bounce, but it’s nowhere near the flopping I’d be getting if I wasn’t wearing anything.

The straps are adjustable in the back, and I tightened them a little bit which seemed to increase the amount of support I got from this. This is obviously not supportive enough to replace a bra, but if you wanted to wear something comfy and sexy this is a good choice. I really love the matching underwear, and I’m considering picking up the full set even though it’s completely impractical.

I feel like this looks just as good on me as it does on the model, which isn’t something I can usually say about any piece of lingerie. It’s also amazing because there’s two larger sizes than the one I chose here, despite the fact that I usually have to choose the largest size in bralettes because of my bust size. Even if my breasts grew a considerable amount I could still buy one of these.

Lace Racerback Chemise (Size 3)


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This is the most unflattering thing I’ve ever tried on in my lifetime. Ever. It does absolutely nothing for my boobs, and it highlights every single detail of my body underneath. I’d love to say it doesn’t bother me when my stomach is shown like this, but it does. Comparing the fit between myself and the model, this looks like one of those “Expectation vs Reality” memes.

Some good things about this are the fact that the material is very comfortable and smooth against the skin. It’s very breathable and I actually got cold with the fan blowing on me because it went right through the fabric. The straps are also adjustable and connect in a unique racerback design.

If you wanted to wear this and get the same fit as the model, you’d need a relatively flat stomach and extremely perky boobs of a much smaller size than mine. Not to be crude, but this chemise makes me look like someone’s grandmother.

(The red lines are just because of my bra elastic. Kind of like when your socks leave marks behind)

Crop Lace Bralette (Size 3)



I really like this, and I could see myself wearing it as outerwear if I was a little more daring. It comes down to my waist, and it actually feels somewhat supportive in comparison to the red bralette. It seems to support by pressing the boobs together and in, using the breasts themselves to hold each other up. You won’t get a whole lot of lift, but if you’re looking for something to wear in the bedroom or to relax in you’d probably like this anyway.

The straps are fully adjustable and are a decent width for something like this. The band didn’t roll up on me at all because it felt secure. Torrid has released this same bralette in a variety of colors, so you can find something to suit you no matter what you want this for. If you have a smaller chest than me, you could probably wear this under low cut shirts to hide your bra or cleavage.

Just like the red bralette, this is available up to a 5X, equivalent to a US size 28. That’s a pretty impressive size range for a bralette.



I tried this on even though it wasn’t made in my size because I’d never gotten a chance to try out Torrid’s bras. I tried the Lace Push Up Plunge bra in a 44G. Unfortunately, the shade I’m wearing has been discontinued. Even though it’s obviously the wrong size for me, I had to share the way it made my boobs look. I couldn’t even believe I was looking at my boobs.

I wouldn’t recommend wearing an improperly fitting bra for long periods of time, but if you want Victoria’s Secret style cleavage in larger sizes, this might be the bra for you. It managed to be comfortable despite the fact that half my boobs are hanging out. The quality was similar to bras from Cacique (Lane Bryant.)

As you can see from my pictures, Torrid does have some great options for plus size women. I’d definitely recommend checking them out if you’re able. If you’re in another country that won’t ship to Torrid, or if the shipping charges are too much, you can email me at and I can order it for you and mail it to you myself.


6 thoughts on “Trying On Torrid Clothing and Swimwear

  1. astrid April 26, 2016 at 12:03 pm Reply

    Did you try the lace bandeau tops by any chance. You’ve totally sold me on the Crop lace. Now I’m pondering getting both.


    • RollsAndCurves April 26, 2016 at 1:34 pm Reply

      I actually didn’t try the lace bandeau tops. I don’t think they’d be sturdy enough for me because they don’t come down as low as the crop lace tops.


    • Khayt April 28, 2016 at 7:14 am Reply

      I’ve both the bandeau and the crop here. I don’t wear th crops as much as I do the bandeau because the bottom of it rolls up on me in the size that works well with my cup size. However that bandeau is another story. I LOVE it. Fits my 38 DDDs very nice and is surprisingly supportive and comfy. With the straps. I’m sure it would look like a pink stocking wrapped across my boobs without the straps tho!


      • RollsAndCurves April 28, 2016 at 10:51 am

        I’m not sure the bandeaus would be supportive enough for me to get away with it. I feel like it would just roll off my boobs completely. 😡


  2. Anonymous October 17, 2016 at 10:00 am Reply

    Just wanted to say it is seriously awesome of you to offer to mail orders for folks who live in a country that Torrid doesn’t ship to. 🙂 Very generous and kind of you. (I live in the US and just was at Torrid yesterday — terrific store! Though pricey. Worth it though if you find some terrific pieces!) Also, all the time you put into such a detailed and thoughtful post is very helpful. Thank you!


    • RollsAndCurves October 28, 2016 at 10:59 pm Reply

      Thank you very much! My mom took me to Torrid for my birthday. I got $250 worth of clothing for a little under $150 with sales, clearances, and coupons! You can definitely find some great deals there.


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