Trying On Lands’ End Clothing and Swimwear

TRIGGER WARNING: I have some self harm scars visible in some of these pictures, if you’re triggered or upset by pictures showing self harm scars, you might not want to look at these pictures. I was going to edit them out, but they are a part of me and I didn’t want to hide them.

Note: I was not compensated for writing this post, and the links I’m going to add are not affiliate links. This post may get long, so sit tight. All the product photos are from Lands’ End’s website. Before anyone asks or yells at me, I do know that Lands’ End was involved in some controversy recently. I don’t want to discuss it because it shouldn’t impact the fit and quality of their clothing. I’m not saying that everyone has to purchase from Lands’ End if they don’t want to, but please don’t attack anyone for disagreeing with your boycott regardless of which side you’re on. Be civil. 

Up until recently, I was completely unaware that Lands’ End even made plus size clothing and swimwear. My high school English teacher commented on a FaceBook status I wrote about not being able to find swimwear in my size, and told me to try Lands’ End. She informed me that you could buy their clothing at Sears. I was a little skeptical because I’d always thought Lands’ End was an “old lady” brand, but I trusted her judgement.


I made my way there that day, and was excited to see that Lands’ End had more than just plus size clothing. They also make plus petite, and tall plus. I think it’s great that they provide more than just the average “plus” label. If you’ve read my blog before, you’d know that I’m short with very short legs, and find most clothing unsuitable for my plus petite frame. Their XL size is considered a size 18, rather than some US brands that make their XL similar to a size 14/16. This gave me a little bit of wiggle room and effectively put me in between their standard size range and plus size range. I tried the most clothing from the “Regular” line because I wanted to see what their “Regular” line was like on a plus size body. In the future I’d love to try more of their clothes from their “Plus” section.

I was wrong about them being an “old lady” brand. While they do have some pieces that might be better suited to a more mature woman, they did have some contemporary pieces that I could see a younger woman reaching for.

In the dress pictures I’m wearing the Panache Tango in 38JJ with standard high waist panties. I’m not wearing any shapewear. I am usually between a size 16-22 in various brands. My measurements (as of right now) are 54-36-50. I am 5’2″. My bra size is usually a 36KK or 36L.




First up is the “Women’s Plus Size Sleeveless Ponté Sheath Dress” in “Ivory Marin Botanical.” I’m wearing a size 18 in their “Regular” range.


 I’m really not crazy about this one, to be honest. I think the color accentuates my pink toned skin and makes me look redder than I normally do. I’m also not really happy with the silhouette here. I can see that the dress fits perfectly in the bust area, but it’s baggy pretty much everywhere else. The fabric is quite thick, so I don’t think belting the waist would work. I did like how comfortable this dress was. It felt very soft and breathable. I could definitely wear a dress like this in any season if I added some accessories like tights and a jacket for the winter. One great feature is the added pockets on this dress, which are surprisingly deep and roomy. I could see a lot of people falling in love with this dress, but it just wasn’t for me. I’d love to try it in their black or navy floral colorways because I think it would complement my skin tone more than the white here.
Next up is the “Women’s Fit and Flare Dress” in “Ink Blue.” I tried the size XL, which is part of their “Regular” range.
I love this dress in theory, but something about is just seems off. I’d obviously need to wear a lower cut bra with this dress due to the wrapped V-neck, and I think a bra like the Elomi Carmen plunge would do the trick here. I’m having the same issue with the strap area as I did with the one above. My first impression of this dress is that it’s incredibly lightweight and comfortable. It seriously feels more like a nightgown than an actual dress, which is great for someone as lazy as I am. I could see this being dressed up or down, and while I don’t know a lot about fashion I’d call this a “staple piece” because it seems very versatile. I like the color, although I’ve completely fallen in love with the coral one I saw online.

This dress does have a lot of stretch around the bust and waist area, although the skirt has very little shape to it in my opinion. I think that’s a good thing in this case because it could fit a variety of body types. If you can get a better fit than I did, this would be a fantastic dress to wear either as a bridesmaid or at a wedding. The skirt hangs slightly below my knees.

*drum roll please*
Next is the “Women’s Petite Fit and Flare Dress” in “Clear Coral Floral.” This is size XL/P, which is part of their “Petite” range.
IMG_6476.JPGThis is absolutely everything I’ve ever wanted in a dress. It’s the same style as the blue one above, but this one is cut specifically for a petite frame. The skirt is right above the knee, which is the perfect length for a wide variety of occasions. The strap area is also less baggy than the “Regular” range version. I think this one fits a lot better and looks perfect on my body. The print is beautiful, and I find that it draws the eye away from so-called “problem areas” and accentuates my waist and bust instead.
Out of the three dresses here, this is the only one I’d actually consider purchasing for myself. I’ve thought about this dress every single day for the past month, which tells me I need to buy it the second I’m able. I don’t think I’ll ever find another dress that makes me feel this great about myself.
In all the tankini pictures I’m wearing the “Women’s Beach Living Boy Short Bottom” in a size 18, which is part of their “Regular” range. I liked these because they offered more coverage than standard swim bottoms, without being so full coverage that I felt like I was wearing a one piece. The shorts did ride up slightly, and I could see them cutting in if your thighs and butt are larger or squishier than mine.
The first one I tried on was the “Women’s Texture V-neck One Piece Swimsuit” in “Sunset Coral.” I tried the size 18 in the “Regular” range.
You can obviously see from the pictures that there is little to no space for my boobs, or anything for that matter. This is definitely an item that I’d have to try in plus sizes. Unfortunately my Sears was sold out of the plus size version of this, so I couldn’t try it on. I don’t feel like it’s accurate to really go over this swimsuit because it doesn’t fit, but I will say that it feels very high quality and it was comfortable despite being way too small for me.
The next one I tried was the “Beach Living Blouson Tankini Top.” I chose the color “Bright Cobalt Blue Fiesta.” This one is a size 18 in the “Regular” range.
Technically, this one does not fit me. It’s too small in the bust and too large everywhere else, but that’s okay because not everyone is shaped like me. It’s great to see them experimenting with different silhouettes.  I also really like how bright the colors are. This would be a really great tankini to wear if you wanted to get noticed, but you didn’t want to show off a lot of skin.
I did notice a weird flattening effect in the chest, which is because the inside is equipped with a soft cup bra that’s way too small for me. This would not be a problem for the average woman trying out this tankini, because I wear a very large bra size. Despite the fact that I would need a little more room in the bust, this was very comfortable and I could jump around without my boobs hitting me in the face.
I really don’t like how this looks from the side. According to Lands’ End’s website, this is meant to be a looser fit to “hide imperfections.” In my case all it does is make me look larger than I actually am. I think the reason it looks so weird is because the bottom edge has a stretchy band that’s meant to keep the tankini in place, but it makes the fabric bunch up around my tummy. You can see the bunching a little better in the first picture.
The next tankini is the “Women’s Beach Living Adjustable Top” in “Deep Sea Stripe.” I’m wearing a size 18 in their “Regular” range, and I chose the one with “Tummy Control.”
This one does not fit my boobs at all, but I think it looks extremely sexy. It’s fitted with an underwire bra. While this isn’t something I could see myself swimming laps in, the underwires did support and accentuate my breasts better than the last tankini.
You can cinch the neckline the way I have it here, or you can make it have a straight neckline if you’d prefer. The straps are also convertible. This tankini comes in many versions, including regular, D cup, DD cup, DDD cup, and Mastectomy. I think this is great because it gives you a great variety of options to find a better fit for your body type. The DDD cup version has 3 extra inches in the bust, but I could not find it at my store. I think that would have been enough extra room to make this wearable. I don’t think their assessment of cup sizes is correct, but it would make it easier for the average woman to choose a size that would suit her bust.
Even though fat women are traditionally told to stay away from horizontal stripes because it makes you look “fatter”, this tankini makes me look so small, especially from the side. I couldn’t believe how confident I felt in this even though my boobs and armpit fat were spilling over the sides. If I found the DDD version and it fit better, I could definitely see myself buying this.
The last one (and probably my favorite of the bunch) is the “Beach Living Scoop Tankini Top” in “Black Dot.” This one is a size 20W in their “Plus” range. I did not try the “Tummy Control” version.
 It’s immediately apparent that this one is the most traditionally flattering one I tried on that day. This one doesn’t hide the entire shape of my body, but it is more conservative than the last one. This would be great for someone who wanted to show off their shape without having a lot of their skin showing.
This one has a soft cup bra like the first one, and I do find that it squishes my boobs down a considerable amount. Of all the swimsuits I tried on that day, this one was the most supportive. My boobs did not move at all when I jumped up and down, which is something I can’t even say for some of my bras. They do make a DDD model, which adds 2 more inches of space in the bust, but I worry that it wouldn’t be as supportive if I tried that model.
One of my favorite features of this bikini is the wide and fully adjustable straps. Despite being a shorter person and struggling with most bra straps, I didn’t even have to adjust these as short as they would go. The straps didn’t dig in at all, and were very comfortable and helped balance out the weight of my bust.
 I absolutely love the black and white polka dot pattern, and I think it looks amazing paired with the swim shorts. This tankini satisfied my urge for retro inspired swimwear without having to look at specialty brands that charge a lot more money.
I had a really positive experience trying on some Lands’ End clothing and swimwear, and I was delighted that I was able to shop their “Regular” range and still find some pieces that made me look and feel amazing. I found that all the pieces I tried on had a lot of wiggle room and could easily accommodate a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Lands’ End goes from a XXS (00), up to a 3X (26W.) While that size range may not be the most inclusive, they make up for it by having petite, long, tall, plus petite, tall plus, Mastectomy, and D, DD, and DDD options so that almost everyone from 00-26 can find something that works with their body type.

4 thoughts on “Trying On Lands’ End Clothing and Swimwear

  1. Painter April 13, 2016 at 12:27 pm Reply

    You absolutely need to buy that petite floral in the clear coral – that looks wonderful on you.


    • RollsAndCurves April 14, 2016 at 4:05 am Reply

      Thank you. I’m definitely picking it up as soon as possible.


  2. Liv May 29, 2016 at 1:27 am Reply
    • RollsAndCurves May 31, 2016 at 1:39 am Reply

      I always knew it was a myth, but a lot of people seem to think it’s actually true. I personally love the way horizontal stripes make me look. If I wear a horizontally striped shirt that’s slightly tight, it seems to hide my tummy, accentuate my waist, and enhance my hips and bust.


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