Cacique Smooth Boost Demi Review (42G)

Disclaimer: The bra I’m about to review obviously doesn’t fit me properly. I am reviewing it because I noticed some similarities between it and a popular UK based bra, the Curvy Kate Daily Boost. I thought this was an interesting and fun bra to review. I would not recommend wearing a bra that doesn’t fit properly for more than a couple of hours every once in a blue moon. There are certain situations in which someone in my size range needs a super padded bra that gives a massive amount of cleavage, and the purpose of this review is to show an easily available, and simple solution that isn’t as massively uncomfortable as the alternatives. I will discuss how the bra fits me, but please don’t confuse my explanations for  advocacy of improper fit.

I’m guessing that anyone who reads this blog and knows anything about my boobs is probably super confused by this post simply because of the title. The purpose of this post is to show that you can find a bra that suits your needs without having to go for the full bust brands, or even the right size. There’s a marked absence of padded and moulded (sometimes spelled molded) bras above an H cup, and I see many questions on all the different bra fitting communities about where to find a padded bra that shows cleavage for an event. I was at Gabriel Brother’s which is an off-price retailer in my area. I spotted this bra and thought the shape and construction was similar to the Curvy Kate Daily Boost and Flirtelle Lena that I usually used for this purpose. The difference between this bra and the Daily Boost/Lena is the fact that this is actually padded, and has push up pads in the bottom of the cups. I tried it on and was surprised at how well it fit despite being in a catastrophically wrong size, and so I purchased it for $6.


Of course, this post is not meant to dissuade people from purchasing bras from full bust retailers. This is strictly an experiment for events, the bedroom, and whenever else you might want your boobs super out there and obvious. I would not recommend wearing a bra that doesn’t fit properly on a daily basis because you can cause yourself a lot of health issues including physical injury. I’m also going to mention that this specific bra will only work for women on the larger side because it’s manufactured by Lane Bryant, a plus size brand.

Before finding a bra that fits, I used to wear 40Hs from Lane Bryant. At a 42G, this is the sister size to that (according to the brand’s sizing.) In UK sizing it would be a 42FF, and if I sister sized it down to my band size it’s supposed to have the same volume as a UK 36H. This is 6 cup sizes smaller than my usual size of 36L. The cup measurements of this bra don’t make sense because it has a cup width of 8 inches with a depth of 15 inches. Compare this to my aforementioned Curvy Kate Daily Boost (pictured above) in 36K, with a width of 7.3 and a depth of 15.2. The Cacique Smooth Boost Demi is also .2 inches taller in the cup than the Daily Boost. I’ll include a table of measurements below.


Red marks are from photographing 10+ bras in an hour, combined with sensitive skin

Onto the fit. The gore doesn’t give a perfect tack, but it’s not so severe that it causes pain or discomfort. It’s lower than most bras in my size. The band is way too big, but when I hook it on the tightest hooks it’s wearable and doesn’t ride up due it’s 4 hook construction. The straps are very thin and adjust short enough for me without slipping off my shoulders or digging in. The cups are too small but I don’t believe I experience as much quadding as I expected. The wires are actually spot on for me, and don’t cause any rubbing, digging, or discomfort. They’re also not as hard and tall as some of my British bras.

The shape is round and super pushed up, and unlike the Daily Boost (pictured above) it doesn’t turn into a pointy box after a few hours of wear when it’s too small. I credit the super thick padding for that. I find that I get the same look in this that I do in the Cacique strapless in a 44H, so that would also be a good option if you need a strapless bra in this size range. I don’t currently own one or I’d compare the measurements. I think the reason this works out for me is the fact that the cups are really generously sized and are really open on top. I have short roots, so I don’t have a whole lot of quadding or anything because my boobs simply sit on top.


If I wear this bra for longer than 6 hours I start to feel a pulling sensation in my neck and shoulders, and I’ll get a migraine if I pass the 8 hour mark. Like I said above, don’t wear bras that don’t fit for extended periods of time.

I’ve always been a fan of Lane Bryant’s Cacique line and this bra is no exception. I’ve always said that if they increased their size range to my actual size I’d be in heaven because the shape of their padded bras is perfectly compatible with my breast shape. Due to the similarities of this and the Daily Boost, I’d recommend this over the Daily Boost if you’re in a band size up to 44 and a cup up to a UK G cup and sister sizes (44G, 42GG, 40H, 38HH, 36J). The band can always be taken in.


In short, I really like this bra for it’s intended purpose. I was surprised that I liked it so much. There’s not a whole lot of information about this bra on the internet (I don’t even know if they still make it) but I know Cacique makes other padded bras that are similar to this. If you’re a plus sized woman and are curious about this bra, I’d really recommend trying it out just for fun. Contrary to popular belief there are some occasions where someone might want super out there boobs and glorious cleavage, and it’s really hard to get that look in an unpadded or lightly lined bra. If you fit into its intended size range I’d seriously recommend this bra to you for everyday wear if you prefer padded or moulded cup bras.


Curvy Kate Daily Boost Measurements:

Cacique Smooth Boost Demi Measurements:

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