Ewa Michalak Fb Kicia Szałowa Review (95HH, 95J)

Note: In all pictures, the 95HH is shown on top and the 95J is shown on the bottom. Any comments about my armpit hair will not be approved. The photos were color corrected for accuracy which makes my skin look extra red and patchy.

I’m so excited right now. I finally tried Ewa Michalak, and my experience so far has been much more positive than I initially thought it would be. These bras were sent to me for the purpose of review. My opinions are just as honest and blunt as always. I would never give a bra a good review just because it was free. These bras are expensive and I wouldn’t want someone to buy them on my recommendation and end up hating them.

Today I’m reviewing the Ewa Michalak FB Kicia Szałowa in a 95HH and 95J (36K and 36KK sister sizes). I let the Ewa Michalak customer service representative, Kaska, choose which size I’d need based on my measurements. I was extremely hesitant when I was told I’d need the equivalent of a 42HH and 42J but figured they would know their bras better than I did. I waited a little under a month for these bras because they got stranded in customs due to the bad weather we’ve been having in the Northeast US.


Before I even discuss the fit I want to talk about the materials and construction of this bra. The FB Kicia Szałowa is part of the Full Bust line, which is made specifically for the fullest of busts. I’ve been told Ewa Michalak has the highest size range in the world due to the addition of this range. With a range of 24-60, AA-P I’m inclined to believe that. The FB Kicia Szałowa is made of a 4 part cup construction, the bottom 3 sections joined with vertical seams. The top section is stretch lace with a stretchy meshlike material underneath for added support. The stretch lace here is nothing like the Panache Jasmine. It’s very high quality and doesn’t stretch as much. What this means to me is that it’s good for a variety of shapes, but it actually supports the bust rather than leaving it to jiggle on top. The material making the rest of the cup is very thick and smooth with no stretch. The band is silky and firm. Overall, the quality of these bras is fantastic. I’ve never felt anything like it.

The FB line is more expensive than most British brands and the rest of Ewa’s collection but I think the price is justified given the sheer quality and value you get. These are not the type of bra you wear for a few months and then have to replace when they get all stretched out.It’s amazing that Ewa Michalak is able to make such beautiful bras in such large sizes. These bras are so gorgeous with their animal print pattern and black and red accents. The stitches used look extremely clean and I couldn’t find any strings hanging off either of the bras like I’ve found in other brands. I’m blown away by the attention to detail.


Keeping in mind that I wear a 36L in most British brands, the 95J was actually spot on for me in terms of volume, with the 95HH being slightly small. Since the band is very firm, I found that I was able to wear the 95J on the loosest hooks and still have it feel snug. The 95HH felt tighter and I needed assistance hooking it the first time, which I think is due to the fact that the HH has smaller cups. The 95J gives me an extremely uplifted and round appearance with no gaping or quadboob, and the 95HH gives me the same super uplifted appearance, but it’s not as supportive. It’s also less round. Even though the 95J technically fits better according to British standards, I think the 95HH would work better under lower necklines because it gives slight cleavage (seen in the angle shots). I didn’t think my boobs could do what they’re doing in these bras.


If you’ve ever seen any of my reviews, you’ll know that most bra straps are my mortal enemy. Nothing is ever short enough for me and I have to alter the majority of my bra straps or use a bra strap holder to keep them on my shoulders. Most straps are also too wide set for my sloped shoulders, which compounds the issue even more. My favorite straps are made by Elomi. All that being said, these straps are perfect for me. They’re super wide in diameter, but they’re not stretchy enough to let me down like other straps. The fact that this bra comes with silicone strap pads is amazing. The pads help the straps stay on my shoulders and they reduce any strain I may experience. I tried the pads on some other bras like the Bravissimo Alana and they definitely helped the straps stay on. I tend to have an issue with irritation where the strap and cup wing meet, but this bra is cut low enough to avoid that area altogether.


Here’s the tricky part of the review. The wires. I have wide rooted breasts, and my favorite wires are the infamous Panache wires. They’re super firm and sturdy and tend to be wider than most comparable brands. A lot of women in the full bust community hate Panache’s wires and turn to Polish brands due to their tendency to make super narrow wires with deep cups. As I’ve never tried other Ewa Michalak bras I can’t compare these wires to her other cuts, but I can compare them to what I know. These wires are about as soft as Elomi, but may be slightly more flexible. Taking these bras out of the box and seeing the cup width made me incredibly nervous. I’ve never seen wires this narrow in my life. These bras don’t fit as badly as I imagined, but they still pinch and dig into my breasts on the sides. The wires also don’t go to the edge of the wing, so I get a little foldover like I did in the Panache Andorra. Since the fabric is so smooth, it doesn’t rub me raw but I am aware of it. I have to keep rescooping throughout the day, which I’ve never had to do in any other bra. I will note that the general comfort of this bra is increased over time. The first time I wore one of these, it was on for 12 hours and only got more comfortable the longer I wore it. My boobs actually hurt when I took it off.


The gore tacks on the 95J, but hovers a little bit in the 95HH. According to the description on Ewa Michalak’s website, this specific range does not always require a tacking gore. The gore is a really good height for me. It’s not low enough that my breasts escape above it, but it’s not nearly as high as Panache gores tend to be. It’s comfortable and doesn’t dig at all. I’m also surprised to see that the bow stays put. Most of my bras have messed up bows that get turned around.


While these bras aren’t perfect in every way, they were definitely better than I expected and I’ve been reaching for them more than anything else in my collection. I didn’t think I’d love them so much. My experience wasn’t enough to make me eat my previous words about wire width, but it was an eye opening experience and I would wholeheartedly recommend this range for someone who fits it’s target demographic. This bra would be extremely uncomfortable for someone who can only wear Elomi due to needing super wide wires. I wouldn’t be able to fit into this bra at all if it wasn’t for my newest bras (Bravissimo Nordic Rose and Alana) that are actually made in my size. I’ve experienced some tissue migration and slight shape changes that made my boobs come closer together and become more narrow. Before ordering from this range, I’d recommend emailing Ewa Michalak’s customer service team. I’ve heard from other users that this cut isn’t sized like Ewa’s other cuts, and following the calculator on them will lead to a super tight band.


I’m going to add another ranking to my reviews for shape. I think shape is an important part of a bra, and it’s not always impacted by the fit. I’ve had bras that technically “fit” me but gave a horrible shape, and I’ve also had bras that didn’t fit me at all but gave me a good shape.

Appearance: 10 out of 10
Fit: 7 out of 10
Comfort: 9 out of 10
Quality: 10 out of 10
Shape: 10 out of 10
Overall: 9.2 out of 10


Appearance: 10 out of 10
Fit: 6 out of 10
Comfort: 7 out of 10
Quality: 10 out of 10
Shape: 9 out of 10
Overall: 8.4 out of 10




6 thoughts on “Ewa Michalak Fb Kicia Szałowa Review (95HH, 95J)

  1. Tina, Owner of Aphrodite's Closet San Antonio February 24, 2016 at 6:39 pm Reply

    Amazing review! It’s great to see feedback about the Full Bust Cup. I’ve been putting quite a few clients in this bra and they’ve been very happy! I’m glad it’s working out for you.


    • RollsAndCurves February 24, 2016 at 6:57 pm Reply

      I was really surprised and elated when it worked for me! When I get my tax return I’m going to try an Ewa S cut and I’ll compare it to the FB cut. I’m just not sure what size to get in the S cut.


  2. Painter (on Bratabase) February 28, 2016 at 9:30 pm Reply

    Excellent review, and the shape on these is very flattering on you, particularly under a T. I’m considering Polish bras because bras with deep enough cups (like Jasmine) almost inevitably have high wires that kill me at the gore. Thanks for mentioning this specifically in your review.


    • RollsAndCurves February 28, 2016 at 10:53 pm Reply

      Thank you very much. I appreciate your feedback.

      I have a review of the Jasmine coming soon, so you’ll be able to compare the photos and everything else.


  3. Painter (on Bratabase) March 13, 2016 at 12:50 am Reply

    I know I commented once, but thanks a second time, as I’m also considering EM for my mom – I went hunting for 75J reviews and ended up here. 🙂

    Her biggest frustration (well, one of several) is that the Panache underwires all stab her under the arms (she’s in a 38J Envy now). How high up under the arms did you find these in comparison to your Panaches?


    • RollsAndCurves March 15, 2016 at 7:13 pm Reply

      These bras are drastically lower in that area than my Panache bras. I don’t personally have an issue with Panache bras, but if someone did have an issue with the height I’d wholeheartedly urge them to try Ewa.


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