Rolls and Curves’ Valentine’s Day Picks!

I’m going to start a new series on my blog because I’m in dire need of some structure. The way I’ve been writing now, I can only post something if I’m in a super body positive mood or if I get a new bra to review. These posts will give me the ability to write more frequently, and will help me explore size ranges that I don’t usually research. I’ll choose my holiday/special occasion/random lingerie picks for a variety of sizes. Not only will this benefit the readers who share my body type, it’ll help women of other body types who may be feeling left out as they read my blog. There’s plenty of bras out there that I’d love to talk about, but can’t because I don’t fit into that size range and can’t speak about them in depth. Without further ado, these are my picks for Valentine’s Day! I’m going to choose an “innocent” option, a “sexy” option”, and a “scandalous” option for each size range. I chose the size ranges at random. They’re not standardized by any means, and are not meant to insult a specific size range.

As always, if you’d like catered recommendations or if you have any feedback, feel free to comment below or contact me at


Small Band, Small Cup (under 32 band, under E cup)

Innocent: Ampere Rose

Ampere Rose.png

28 B-F, 30 A-F

Sexy: Little Bra Company Charlotte

Little bra company.png

28-32 A-C, 34 B-C, 36 A-B, 38A

Scandalous: Comexim Charne

Comexim Charme.png

Comexim makes custom sizes, from 26-44 bands, A-KK cups

Small Band, Medium Cup (under 32 band, E-G cup)

Innocent: Freya Boho Pink Flambe Balcony Bra


28 D-HH, 30 C-HH)

Sexy: Ewa Michalak 3D Cyklamen

Em Cyklamen.png

(Sizing on website)

Scandalous: Ewa Michalak HM Sekret Wikitorii

EM wittori.png

(Sizing on website)

Small Band, Large Cup (under 32 band, GG cup and over)

Innocent: Wellfitting Abracadabra Longline


(Sizing on website)

Sexy: Curvy Kate Ritzy

CK Ritzy

28-38 D-J

Scandalous: Ewa Michalak S Przeplatanki

EM Pier.png

(Sizing on website)

Medium Band, Small Cup (32-36 band, under E cup)

Innocent: Mimi Holliday Kiss Me Comfort Bra

Comfort Bra.png

32-36 A-F, 38 B-D

Sexy: Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy Push Up


32-40 A-DDD

Scandalous: La Senza Hello Sugar Push Up

Hello sugar.png

32-34 A-D, 36 A-C, 38 B-C

Medium Band, Medium Cup (32-36 band, E-G cup)

Innocent: Cleo Kali Balconette

cleo kali d.jpg

28-38 D-J

Sexy: Tutti Rouge Liliana

Tutti Liliana

28-38 D-J, 40-42 D-F

Scandalous: Scantilly Peek-A-Boo


30-38 DD-HH

Medium Band, Large Cup (32-36 band, over GG cup)

Innocent: Bravissimo Poppy Bra

bravissimo p.png

28 F-J, 30-38 DD-K

Sexy:  Parfait Charlotte


28-40 D-K, 36-44 C, 42-44 D-FF

Scandalous: Curvy Kate Bardot


28-40 D-K

Large Band, Small Cup (over 36 band, under E cup)

Innocent: Soma Sensuous Lace Balconet Bra


34-36A, 38B-G, 40-42 C-D

Sexy: PrimaDonna Deauville Underwired Bra


36-44 B, 36-46 C, 30-44 D-E

Scandalous: Cacique Lace-Up Plunge Bra

cacique lace.png

36-38 C-DDD, 40-40 B-DDD, 46D

Large Band, Medium Cup (over 36 band, E-G cup)

Innocent: Sculptresse Deedee


36 F-H, 38 E-H, 40 DD-H, 42-46 D-H

Sexy: Elomi Anushka Red Padded Half Cup Bra

elomi as.png

34 G-H, 36-42 D-H, 44 D-FF, 46 D-F

Scandalous: Curvy Couture Seduction Lace Demi

curvy couture.png

36-44 C-H

Large Band, Large Cup (over 36 band, over GG cup)

Innocent: Elomi Cate

elomi cate.png

34-36 E-K, 38-42 DD-K, 44-46 DD-HH

Sexy: Ewa Michalak FB Tanya

fb tanya.png

(Sizing on website)

Scandalous: Ewa Michalak FB Kicia Szałowa

fb kicia

(Sizing on website)

*I included 2 Ewa FB cuts here because they have the highest range of band and cup sizes that I could find.

Honorable Mentions:

Panache Clara


30-38 D-J

Curvy Kate Tease


28-38 D-J

Bravissimo Nordic Rose

nordic rose.png

30 E-K, 32-40 DD-L


(All images taken from either the brand’s page, or from a search engine. If you’d like one of your images removed from my blog, email me at


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