Curvy Kate Gia Review (36JJ)

Blog Info: These pictures are quite old, as I owned this bra when I was a 36J/JJ. I don’t own this bra any more, so I couldn’t take updated pictures. 😦

I decided it was time for me to review something that wasn’t a Panache bra for once, so welcome to my first non-Panache review! It’s the Curvy Kate Gia in 36JJ .

You'll notice that in the smaller sizes, the top section is not as large. For reference Laura wears a 30GG.

You’ll notice that in the smaller sizes, the top section is not as large. For reference Laura wears a 30GG.

This was the first bra I’d ever tried by Curvy Kate, and it was a really positive experience for me at the time. I learned everything about bra fitting from r/ABraThatFits, and at the time that I tried this bra they hated Curvy Kate because they had the reputation of being a hard to fit brand. Before purchasing this bra, I compared the measurements on Bratabase. I was finding that my 36J bras were a little bit too small, so I opted for this bra in a 36JJ. It was only $20 on eBay (brand new with tag), so I figured it wasn’t a huge loss if it didn’t fit well.

Seriously, try taking pictures in public bathrooms. The lighting is awesome

Seriously, try taking pictures in public bathrooms. The lighting is awesome

To begin, this bra is quite unique as far as full bust bras are concerned. While being a traditional 3 part unpadded balconette, it’s made with a laminated material that is my favorite type of fabric for bras to have. The top section is oversized (in the larger cup sizes), and adorned with a geometric pattern. The bow looks like it came out of Minecraft, and is adorned with a tiny charm. The band also has a little geometric embrodiery coming out of it. The straps are fully adjustable and very thin for a full bust bra. The gore also comes up very low and narrow compared to some brands, and the cups are cut a little smaller to give a more pleasing neckline. The lower cup height was ideal for me with my short roots. The color is called “China Blue”, but I think it’s closer to a lavender-periwinkle color. I’ve never seen another bra with this color.


I loved this bra because it was different, and it suited me more than the classic super full coverage and floral trend we’ve been seeing from a lot of full bust brands. It made me feel unendingly sexy to have a bra that was so low coverage, yet so supportive. It made me confident to know that my nipples were technically visible in the bra, but hidden by the supportive top section. I was worried my nipples would stick up, but they remained flat even while running a drive thru window overnight in the middle of January.

Just look at that profile

Just look at that profile

The wires of this bra were pretty wide, but suited me just fine. The bra was more shallow than what we’d see from Panache or Cleo, but not as shallow as other bras I’ve tried (like the Parfait Charlotte.) The shape I got from this bra was very uplifted, very round, and very sexy. The combination of low gore and low cups gave me a wonderful and soft cakes-on-a-plate cleavage that was perfect under lower necklines. I was able to wear shirts that I couldn’t imagine wearing with most Panache bras, and I really had no complaints about this bra.

This bra held up wonderfully through an excessive amount of wear relative to the time period that I owned it, and the band never became too loose for me. The only problem I had in terms of wear was the fact that the underarms were slightly paler than the rest of the fabric due to sweat and friction, but that’s expected when you’re a little larger and sweat a lot.


The band doesn’t curl up at the bottom like some brands do, which is an awesome thing for me since I’m plus sized. The straps were slightly too far apart originally, but since they were fully adjustable I just adjusted them as short as I needed them and it didn’t bother me while I wore it.

Unfortunately, I ended up growing out of this bra in about 6 months and selling it. I’d love to try this bra again, but it has been discontinued and replaced with the Curvy Kate Cascade. Apparently Curvy Kate has revamped their cup design to be more narrow and projected. If I track down the Gia in a viable size, I’ll definitely be buying it because it was absolutely perfect for me in every way. I may try the Cascade, but I’m not sure if the updated design will suit my breasts. This bra proves that full bust bras don’t need to be huge and utilitarian to do their jobs.

Appearance: 10 out of 10

Fit: 10 out of 10

Comfort: 8 out of 10

Quality: 9 out of 10

Overall: 9.25 out of 10

36JJ Measurements

36JJ Measurements

4 thoughts on “Curvy Kate Gia Review (36JJ)

  1. Alana January 17, 2016 at 3:42 am Reply

    As I mentioned in my previous comment, I have very similar breast shape/type to you. I have tried on the Cascade and I think you would really like it as it does look just like this one. I decided not to keep the bra for myself because the wire dug into my armpit on my larger breast side, and when I tried a larger cup, there was too much gaping at the top of the cups. The turquoise was absolutely gorgeous.


    • RollsAndCurves January 17, 2016 at 12:15 pm Reply

      I’ve been told it’s really similar but I have trouble taking the plunge in fear of it being a disaster. The Gia was the best bra I’d ever tried and I’ll be really disappointed if the Cascade doesn’t work for me.


  2. dustbite February 24, 2016 at 4:28 pm Reply

    I don’t know how you can give 10/10 for fit when the underwire is obviously below your inframammary fold. It’s such an important part of getting adequate support in your size range.


    • RollsAndCurves February 24, 2016 at 6:11 pm Reply

      Now that I look at it without the veil of nostalgia, I do see a little bit of orange in a glass going on at the bottom of the cup. That being said, I didn’t feel any loss of support and the Gia gave me both the most support and the best shape (in my opinion) that I’ve gotten in any bra. I’ve tried bras that had a spot on fit in every way but they weren’t comfortable or supportive enough for me. It’s an individual thing and everyone’s entitled to their own fit preferences. Some fit issues are less important in overall fit to some people, especially people in large sizes with an extremely tricky to fit shape like me.


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