Panache Tango Alterations!! (38JJ)

I promised that once I altered the Panache Tango in 38JJ I’d update you guys and tell you if the fit improved at all. I’m going to preface this by saying that although the alterations worked for this bra, it doesn’t change my opinion about the overall construction. Fully adjustable straps should be the norm for every single bra simply because of the diversity of the people that wear them.

The alteration itself was pretty simple. All I did was fold the strap over and sew it together. I am not a professional and I do not currently have a sewing machine, so please excuse how crude my stitches are. As long as they work, I don’t care how pretty they are. Once I altered the straps and tried this bra on again, the fit was transformed. My breasts fill the cups and feel supported. This contrasts with how jellylike they felt before the alteration. I should note that I did not have to alter the gore on this Tango like I did the 36K because the gore is narrower on its own.

Much better!!

38JJ, showing how different it would look with altered straps

Much better!! (38JJ altered, vs 38JJ unaltered, vs 36K unaltered)


Just compare these profile shots. (36K vs 38JJ)



Right off the bat I can see that the 36K from a few years back and the 38JJ which is more current are two completely different bras. The 36K puts my boobs under my armpits and runs up really high on the sides. The 38JJ puts my boobs forward facing, yet still spread out over my chest. This altered 38JJ has all but replaced my 36K due to the inconsistencies of the construction. I admit I am slightly disappointed by the fact that these bras are sisters and not twins. It makes me wary when it comes to ordering bras from Panache in the future, even if they are my favorite brand (I’ve owned 11 Panache bras and 5 Cleos out of 25 total bras). You can write this off as them improving their bras as time goes on, but as someone who feels more comfortable in lots of older Panache styles (Melody, Eliza, Ariza, Cleo Meg) it makes me wonder if they’re going to do what Curvy Kate did and change their construction to a more narrow and projected one to compete with Polish manufacturers. While many large breasted women have narrow and projected breasts, it’s important to remember that some women do have wide breasts and as a brand you can’t alienate them.


I digress. Back to the review…

The 38JJ gives me a rounder shape and feels more supportive and comfortable than the 36K because it’s pushing my boobs out of my pits and to my chest where I expect them to be in a bra. I don’t feel like it comes up as high on my chest, so I do feel comfortable wearing it to work while I didn’t feel comfortable wearing the 36K because it poked out above my tank tops and could be visible under my work polo.

I don’t really have much else to say about this, except I urge you to purchase more current Panache Tangos (or just try the Rhapsody) unless you prefer an extremely full coverage bra that’s too wide and matronly, even for me.

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