Panache Ariza Balconette Review (36K)

Blog news: I’ve now been hired onto third shift at my job, which means that I will be working a week straight and then have a week off. What I will do for now is release 2 posts on my week off, or more as I see fit.

Note about this bra: I purchased this bra from a user on Bratabase, and when I received it the gore was altered to be more narrow. Although I don’t like to review altered bras because it gives an inaccurate view of the bra, I wasn’t going to take out her meticulously sewn stitches. I still wanted to review this bra because I think it’s wonderful. Keep in mind that the gore of this bra will be wider than pictured here.

I’m extremely excited to bring you this review because this is one of my favorite bras and it is featured prominently in my collection. Unfortunately, this bra is discontinued so I’m on a hunt to find every single one in a viable sister size so that this one doesn’t get completely worn out. Yes, this bra is that good. For reference, I have wide-set, pendulous, and splayed breasts with a wide and short breast root. I’m also 5’2″, which may be important to note later on in this review.


The Ariza is what I call the “classic Panache” balconette, which is a full coverage balconette that takes up a lot of space on the chest. In short, it’s a lot of bra. The straps are slightly thinner than most Panache bras in this size range, and while this would usually bother me, it doesn’t because this bra has the most supportive band I’ve ever tried. It only stretches to 37 inches, which makes it a firm fit compared to a lot of bras over a 34 band. I’ve heard that below a JJ cup, the band on this bra runs a full size small. Keep in mind while ordering. I personally like tight bands because I have a lot of squish around my ribcage and I need a bra that’s going to hold on for dear life. I was ecstatic to discover that the straps were a perfect length, even for me with my short stature, short upper torso, and high set breasts. I usually have to alter all my straps to get a good fit.

Cell phone picture taken from my Bratabase. I deleted the original.

Cell phone picture taken from my Bratabase. I deleted the original.

The color of this bra is so bright, vibrant, and beautiful that I really don’t think photos can capture it. It’s like a dark neon purple with neon details. The fabric can be slightly scratchy, but not so much that I find it unbearable. he wires are firm but not overly so, and they’re just wide enough for me. The wires run a little tall under the arms, but I solved this problem by bending my underwires to fit better. This should not be a problem for someone who’s taller than me.

Holy roundness

Holy roundness

Now onto the fit. I find that the horizontal seam across the cup gives me more support and shaping than any other cup design out there. Besides my Cleos, this bra gives me the roundest shape. The gore on this bra does not perfectly tack, but enough of it tacks at the bottom that it doesn’t change the fit. The cup and wires perfectly encase my breast tissue. This bra does give a little bit of an east-west look, but I personally like this look because it balances out my figure (gives me a more hourglassy appearance from the front). I have absolutely no shoulder pain when wearing this bra, which I usually encounter after a full day of wear because of the weight of my breasts and the fact that most bra bands get slightly stretched out at the end of the day.

I have problems with certain types of embroidery showing under my thin work shirts, but I have no problem with the detailing on this bra. I don’t have to wear an undershirt at all, which makes it perfect for hot days where layering clothing is impossible. It’s also made out of a sheer material, which keeps it from being too hot.


This is starting to sound like an endorsement, so I’m going to give my one regret when it comes to this bra. The fact that I discovered it so late and therefore missed this colorway: :’D

I mean really. It's perfect.

I mean really. It’s perfect.

If you think this bra sounds like it would work for you, I’d really recommend tracking one down and trying it out. If you can’t find one, I’d recommend trying the Panache Eliza because it’s very similar in my opinion (at least in sizes larger than GG, the Eliza is basically two different bras below GG and above it)


38JJ Eliza (sister sized because it was in a Grab Bag, and 36K was sold out)


Appearance: 10 out of 10

Fit: 9 out of 10

Comfort: 10 out of 10

Quality: 10 out of 10

Overall: 9.75 out of 10

36K measurements

36K measurements

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