Panache Andorra Fullcup Review (36J)

Note: This is a review from when I was a 36J in bras.

The Panache Andorra is branded as a fullcup, although I personally think it’s more of a balconette (seeing as how it’s very similar to the Jasmine, which is branded as a balconette). It’s a banded underwire bra with a stretch lace top section and side support panel, which makes it great for a variety of breast shapes. The color you see here is actually a custom dye job using Rit dye in Fuchsia over the Pearl (nude) colorway.


The lace on this bra is very soft, and it is very comfortable on the skin compared to the lace on some bras. The band is snug (I’d say it fits like a true 36), and the 3 hook construction makes it sturdy. The straps are very thin and fully adjustable, but I didn’t feel like I was lacking support because of the sturdy band. The only problem I had with the straps was that they had the tendency to bend over themselves, causing them to cut in slightly.


I have full on top breasts with short roots, which can sometimes cause problems with my boobs not being tall enough for the cups despite the cups having the right volume. This was not a problem in this bra, because the stretch lace perfectly conformed to my breast shape. (It gaped in my photo of the gore because of the position of my arms) My breasts were extremely round in this bra, and it gave an excellent profile that was the perfect balance between projected and minimized.

Photos taken from my Bratabase, I lost the originals

Photos taken from my Bratabase, I lost the originals

The wire width was spot on for my wide rooted breasts. I did notice that the wires don’t extend right to the edge of the cup, so that little piece of fabric would bend over and rub on my chub all day long. After a long day of wear, I actually developed a rash there from where the fabric rubbed me raw. I can blame this on the fact that I have high set breasts, a short torso, and chubby arms. I also have really sensitive skin. This would presumably not happen on someone with a less fleshy underarm area, or on someone with taller, lower set breasts.

This little bit here

This little bit here

Other than that problem, I loved the Andorra as a bra and would wear it when I wasn’t at work (due to the wire problem). I’m glad this bra doesn’t come in a size larger than a J cup because I don’t believe it would be supportive enough for me, but I know I couldn’t resist it. I sadly had to sell this bra because I grew to a 36JJ, and although I could usually hold onto a bra that was slightly too small, this one was too painful once I grew up to that extra cup.


Appearance: 9 out of 10

Fit: 7 out of 10

Comfort: 5 out of 10

Quality: 7 out of 10

Overall: 7 out of 10



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